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She's shy


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Oh god! My wife! Such a cutie!

Skirtzzz's avatar

Awhaa thank you!

alorix's avatar

I'd forgotten about her, wish there was an option to keep her alive.

RonaLightfoot's avatar

God I need more of your Skyrim stuff. That's amazing. xD

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MarshmallowCoockie's avatar

lol, i love the sketchy look! I love the face XDD

TheWanderingLight's avatar

Is this the one you accidentally marry in that side quest, cause she's a whole mood in this pic XD

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XxIcyMizuxX's avatar

Thank you for this, you have made my day! LOL

SamwiseTheAwesome's avatar

If a Hagraven had offered me soup instead of ice attacks, things might have gone different

Pleasantspectre's avatar

Poor Hagraven, Just because of a Daedric Prince's shenanigans she's about to be sent to Oblivion.

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My deepest, darkest dream...romancing an hagraven 😳
SpankiFlip's avatar

She must be the one you accidentally marry or engage during the bender with the Sanguine. Moira, wasn't it?

This is definitely as "out of left field funny" as "A Night to Remember" was!

themightyoliver's avatar

Is that the name of the quest ? Unless I just haven’t done it yet I don’t remember this

SpankiFlip's avatar

"A Night to Remember" the quest's name, yes.

thelastgunslinger23's avatar

I love it!! Shes Awesome.

PENATION's avatar
Creepy man! But it’s cool.
EvaporatingMemory's avatar

Just like any of your other cuties! Exactly the same.

Skirtzzz's avatar

Hahaha thanks XD

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Hilarious! :D I never wait long enough to hear if the hagravens are into me; I always end up Shouting them into a pile of feathers and claws :meow:

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PicUnrelated's avatar

BEST QUEST. BEST WIFE IN ALL OF SKYRIM. Nobody gets to diss Hagraven bae.

Skirtzzz's avatar

She has so much love to give!

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