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Gun Mage Twilight Sparkle

What's that?? Another Dressphere crossover series? WHY YES. YES IT IS!

gcGreengrass commissioned a big MLP series in the Final Fantasy X-2 Dresspehres, and picked out all the match-ups! Really excited to design the rest!

Instead of random symbols on the light circle, I snuck somethin' else on there...heh

Outfit reference
Crown Reference
Gun Mage Dressphere from Final Fantasy X-2

You can view the entire series here!


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Never thought I'd see Twilight as a gun mage, but when I did..

I loved it.

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Now Twilight is giveing Yuna a run for her money for who looks best as a Gun Mage. Which seems fair as I usually give Yuna this Sphere as soon as a I can.

Outside her Floral Falal Special Dress Sphere, this is my favorite look for her.
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Heh, yea!! Gun Mage is so much fun!
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Goddamn this is great 
Skirtzzz's avatar
Oh my gosh- THANK YOU! :heart:
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Your art is absolutely majestic 
keep it up. 
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Thank you!! :'D
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Yep! Mlp fan arts overload!!!!!! XD
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Interesting look for her. 
Skirtzzz's avatar
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I mean that as a good thing.
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Well then, thanks, without the question mark this time- haha :')
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Too cool!  I cannot wait to see Applejack and Pinkie Pie in your style!
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Aw, thank you!! :'D
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She looks great in that dress sphere~!
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Awh, thank you very much! :heart:
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