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Meena Panel #2: Encompassing the feels of 2020.

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what did I walk into

Vincent-Starman's avatar

"She's on fire!"

"Yeah she is."

"No, I think she's literally on fire!"

"Once you pop, you can't stop" XD

Kiwi-R's avatar

Popcorn dress! Clever! XD

Skirtzzz's avatar

Hhaah thank you!

DarkerEve's avatar

Hahahah well at least the audience have free pop corn XD.

Skirtzzz's avatar
MarshmallowCoockie's avatar

XD Maybe a popcorn dress wasn't such a great idea after all...Idk why but I love how you drew the popcorn!

Skirtzzz's avatar

Heh, thank you!!!

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I love Meena's expression in panel 2! And I hope the wires don't burn Celestine...

TheBrady25's avatar

OH NO is right on the money! What a crazy and popcorn-flying scenario this has turned into. Seeing both those pretty characters panicking and then reacting to the explosive turn of events got me really worried for the both of them, mostly Celestine with the burns she might get from this. I sure hope the both of them can recover from such a crazy event this has turned into. And I'm even more eager to see what happens after this part in the story.

Pbuckley's avatar

Oof, I hope she doesn't get any nasty burns from that... Yikes, I am getting flashbacks to the time I thoughtlessly took a cast iron skillet out of the oven with my bare hand.

vidgamer123's avatar


Pbuckley's avatar

Hey that's exactly what I said once the family pain tolerance started to fade!

vidgamer123's avatar

And Orville Redenbacher is just sitting in the audience going "hey this is neat!"

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