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Oh my goodness, thank you so much!!! I really appreciate that :heart:

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well..monroe has never been proud!! XD

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Oh, man! This is getting REALLY intense now! And there is so much that can go wrong at this point. The device could come in contact with Celestine's leg and burn her, her hair could come in contact with the device and start burning the beautiful hair to a burnt color, the smoke from the device could get in her eyes which will make her unable to see and walk off the stage, the smoke could go up her nose and make her have a sneezing fit, the smoke could be breathed in and make her have a coughing fit, etc. There are just too many possibilities of this to go from Celestine's best first impression to worst case scenario where not even Meena knows what to do about this, but I'm hoping the beautiful performer pulls through in the next scene of this story.

DarkerEve's avatar

Oh oh, I smell big trouble coming XD.

Vincent-Starman's avatar

I have a feeling this'll become her most interesting performance.

erebus7's avatar

Surely, surely this will end well. ;)

vidgamer123's avatar

I feel that having a device that's supposed to superheat kernels of corn so close to one's lady bits is a bit of an oversight.

SailorPhantom's avatar

Oh no, I guess she never tested this popping dress before showtime. Whhhoooooooops!

awesomyth's avatar

The clang clang clang made me laugh so hard omg!! 😂

MarshmallowCoockie's avatar

Aaaaah!! oh no CELESTIINEE!!

amazing comic! There has yet to come a page I haven’t loved (does this wording even make any sense? My brain might be a bit broken atm) Anyway, what I’m trying to say, is that this is definitely one of the best comics!

AwesomeOKingGuy's avatar

Uuuhhhhh... It's soooo....:oops::oops: :horny:

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