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Coyote Goes to Skyrim

"I'm Coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the sting zone...with...a Chaurus Hunter."

Can you tell what I've been binging on Youtube? This guy is wild. Thought it would be good for him to travel to a Falmer cave next.

Background is an in-game screenshot


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weezel365's avatar

Holy shit, now THIS made me laugh

Skirtzzz's avatar

Aww yay!!!!! <3

Crimson-Wolf2323's avatar

Pfft ohmygosh this got a chuckle out of me XD

Also great job on getting his facial features so well. I was just scrolling & was liike hol up.

DanDarkDesigns's avatar

Man this guy is amazing I binged his bite and sting list.

Also you really did him right I intimidatingly thought of him when I saw the thumbnail.

snowcloud8's avatar

LOL YES! The YouTube's own personal Steve Irwin XD

Xellery-stiX's avatar

Bout to add a new critter to the pain index.

Motol's avatar


Mark: Describe the pain

Bexnt's avatar
soulSmith1's avatar
some things should not be touched
Caffinated-Pinecone's avatar

Holy shit I love this concept

CosmicRick's avatar

Hopefully in Skyrim, he'll have known to visit a potions shop beforehand...

Awesome work and likeness! :D

VanFanel1980mx's avatar

Please tell me you sent him this picture, I would like to see his take on it.

Skirtzzz's avatar

I tagged him on Twitter! No idea if he's seen it though!

Bbiohazard's avatar
That's really awesome!!
Harusarchus's avatar

This is awesome! :D They should make little animation for games or series episodes like this :D

The Tarantula Hawk episode was great in my opinion, got all the Fallout New Vegas Cazador vibes x3

no coyote..that thing looks like it does more than just "sting"

samwxch's avatar

omg yes !! another coyote peterson fan !! <33 this looks fantastic !! <3 i hope you like his sting series !! cause boi that was a wild ride !

I'd send him to the world of Monster Hunter.

TheHatboxGhost84's avatar

pfffffft! hahaha Hilarious. I love it when I get an idea in my head and I can't stop until I get it made!

SuperSUfan's avatar

I watched a lot of Coyote's videos back then, you gotta give him credit for all the times he's let himself get stung, bitten, and all in all proving that nature, you scary!

Beserk06's avatar

Coyote Peterson absolutely would do this if he were in Skyrim. I binged him a while back as well - he has such an enthusiasm it reminded me of Steve Irwin lol

SheTheTDE's avatar

I'd love to watch a steve erwin of video games on youtube. Every video is just him getting as close to something as he can without getting attacked by it, and sharing all the lore about the creature. Might even get me playing some games I would have never played before

Warped-Desire's avatar

The guy is a crazy legend xD it's way more insane then Steve Backshaw. I watch Coyote too, he amazing

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