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Caitlyn from League of Legends - a gift for one of my Patrons


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Amazing outfit!! Cool gal :)

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Hmmm Caitlyn + Mario = daughter is Hat in time girl.

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Purple and gold are such a killer look. 😬


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hey look its the birtish s*xy purple woman from league of leaguege

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

A game I've heard of for years but never played ^^;

Glablit's avatar

i kinda miss playing Caitlyn and LOL at times.

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Seeing drawing of LoL character from you is the second surprise I received from an artist today hehe. I hope more people will ask you to draw them, their designs are really good, I am sure you would love them

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Cute in the quirky way,

good job

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She looks cute and pretty. :heart:

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Immediately made me think of Hat Kid from A Hat in Time.

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Her purple hair is sooooooo pretty Hearts

Great job!!

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Badass drawing!!

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