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Aloy is coooooooool


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I must not be the only one who thought she'd be perfect in your style! <3
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Aw, thanks!! 
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Nicely done
I didn’t finish the game my PS died
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you have a unique and excellent art style 
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Lovely work with Aloy. Nice to see her enjoying some nature in the world of machines.
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Thank you so much!!! :heart:
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I love this. Great piece.
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Thank you so much!! :'D
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Thanks a ton! :D
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I love how she's got kind of an ancient Nordic feel to her. A lot of the characters in that game gave me sort of a Viking vibe, y'know? *Is listening to Jesse Cox play the last episode of his playthrough right now*
Skirtzzz's avatar
I love that kind of look to the game as well!! :'D
DexAntares's avatar
I think I missed something though during this episode - Jesse mentioned some kind of meat consumable item. Where did THAT come from?? I thought the only "wildlife" left in the world were the machines. They... they don't have some kind of organic components that can be cooked and eaten, do they? <_<;
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OH gosh, I have no idea, haha!
DexAntares's avatar

I'd eat robot meat.
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Your art always has emotion and your line is beautiful <3
Skirtzzz's avatar
That means so much :'0 Thank you!!!!
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Who is she & also lovely work as always.
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From the game Horizon Zero Dawn.
Thank you!! :'D
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Cool & no thank you for making it.
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I love both Aloy and your style! This drawing is awesome Love 
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