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good news from Austrail today :) Two of my arts were released on CDs and some merch.……
My first try to make some of my pictures as print. Four pieces 16.5 x 23.4 inches.

Prints by Skirill

Hello there.

Sometime people ask me how I do my creepy works. Unfortunately I don't do any WIP files or videos about how I draw, so everything I can show at this time is picture by layers. May be I do it in too complicated way, but it's just comfortable for me. Layers quantity of course is variable from picture to picture and not always I use the same masks or textures or shadings. Well, for example I took my work -Colossus- and try to show what layers it consists of and what opacity parameters they have.

As always I must to say excuse me for my english, hope it's a bit ok.

Best regards.

Colossus Layers by Skirill

And the result was:

Colossus by Skirill
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HBtoME by Skirill
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Painting of my lineart (it was done by another painter, not me) wich I did for with the 'Warhammer 40000. Eternal crusade' team.

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Just found out that one of the russian state federal service which controls IT and mass media possibly banned Deviant Art for Russia. So in worst case I have to find the ways how to bypass it...

What can I say... Roskomnadzor you're fucking idiots! Fuck you!
Next trip. Just for weeekend :)
Guys, thank you all for my birthday congratulatoins. I'm very honored that I have so many friends and watchers!

Thank you!
Sad news, but it's great thay he was. Thank you herr Giger.
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Going to Palermo, Sicilia. Next 5 days no any commercials, but I hope I'll have the possibility to draw on plane. Just something for myself. I've been waiting it a long time I think :)
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Once I was asked about interview for one digital art magazine (or it's just blog?). It's published.


Now I see a lot of mistakes in my English, so I'm sorry. I should be more accurate next time.
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Heh, some good news... I'm very glad that one of my drawings finally was printed:…

Well, I'm quiet happy :)
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One of my works… was shown here… and this person made it in the way that he is author of that picture :) Actually I don't mind of people are trying to look stupid, because someone will get the truth anyway, I just really don't like when someone's trying to sell my drawings without my permission.  I was trying to ask him why he did that…

But he hide my comments :( so, I still haven't got answer from one of these people...
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god damn… :)
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Yup, next ten days shall be on the sea, try to answer all unanswered messages )  Well, and may be draw something... Got few 'Copic scketch' markers as the present, looking forward to try them :)
whoa! I'm in Geneve now, it's the nearest point to the Giger's museum I've ever been. Have the plans for tomorrow to visit it. One more point from my wishlist :)
My little son got some present for new year and found a catalog of plastic models within them. He was so impressed by all of these tanks, aircrafts and soldiers, so he asked me to buy, assemble and paint some of them. I can't refuse it ) So I became a modeller... wufff.... It's not easy to do, all of these small parts, paint, special methods of painting, conversions... Have finished one, now I can return to drawing. But it won't be so long, because there's a long list of models ...

upd: here's my first model…
Oh, it makes me laugh ))) I didn't wonder that this person do it again) Look at this This guy stole the pictures from the same author again) What reason makes people do that? Jealous? Some psychological complexes?

Just for someone else be informed what he could see in that gallery