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People asked me if I have Instagram account.


good news from Austrail today :) Two of my arts were released on CDs and some merch.……
My first try to make some of my pictures as print. Four pieces 16.5 x 23.4 inches.

Prints by Skirill

Hello there.

Sometime people ask me how I do my creepy works. Unfortunately I don't do any WIP files or videos about how I draw, so everything I can show at this time is picture by layers. May be I do it in too complicated way, but it's just comfortable for me. Layers quantity of course is variable from picture to picture and not always I use the same masks or textures or shadings. Well, for example I took my work -Colossus- and try to show what layers it consists of and what opacity parameters they have.

As always I must to say excuse me for my english, hope it's a bit ok.

Best regards.

Colossus Layers by Skirill

And the result was:

Colossus by Skirill
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HBtoME by Skirill
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Painting of my lineart (it was done by another painter, not me) wich I did for with the 'Warhammer 40000. Eternal crusade' team.

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Just found out that one of the russian state federal service which controls IT and mass media possibly banned Deviant Art for Russia. So in worst case I have to find the ways how to bypass it...

What can I say... Roskomnadzor you're fucking idiots! Fuck you!
Next trip. Just for weeekend :)
Guys, thank you all for my birthday congratulatoins. I'm very honored that I have so many friends and watchers!

Thank you!
Sad news, but it's great thay he was. Thank you herr Giger.
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Going to Palermo, Sicilia. Next 5 days no any commercials, but I hope I'll have the possibility to draw on plane. Just something for myself. I've been waiting it a long time I think :)
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Once I was asked about interview for one digital art magazine (or it's just blog?). It's published.


Now I see a lot of mistakes in my English, so I'm sorry. I should be more accurate next time.
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Heh, some good news... I'm very glad that one of my drawings finally was printed:…

Well, I'm quiet happy :)
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One of my works… was shown here… and this person made it in the way that he is author of that picture :) Actually I don't mind of people are trying to look stupid, because someone will get the truth anyway, I just really don't like when someone's trying to sell my drawings without my permission.  I was trying to ask him why he did that…

But he hide my comments :( so, I still haven't got answer from one of these people...
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god damn… :)
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Yup, next ten days shall be on the sea, try to answer all unanswered messages )  Well, and may be draw something... Got few 'Copic scketch' markers as the present, looking forward to try them :)
whoa! I'm in Geneve now, it's the nearest point to the Giger's museum I've ever been. Have the plans for tomorrow to visit it. One more point from my wishlist :)
My little son got some present for new year and found a catalog of plastic models within them. He was so impressed by all of these tanks, aircrafts and soldiers, so he asked me to buy, assemble and paint some of them. I can't refuse it ) So I became a modeller... wufff.... It's not easy to do, all of these small parts, paint, special methods of painting, conversions... Have finished one, now I can return to drawing. But it won't be so long, because there's a long list of models ...

upd: here's my first model…