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Prop (CC-BY-3.0) for DS4.5: Road Apples

So, DAZ3D decided to release a new horse, and it is a beaut!

However, some folks thought that it is not quite complete. That it lacks what makes a horse a horse. A very overpowering presence of something essential, something extremely horse-y...

Which is transforming plantlife (hay, oats, carrots, apples) into fertile lumps of... well, you know what.

I have fixed this most horrible problem, because I'm a generous soul like that. No need to rush and thank me. ;)

It also comes in lovely rainbow shades for unicorns.

.duf files, so it works only in DAZ Studio 4.5. And alas, while I am in possession of DSON conversion thingie, I don't have Poser so I could verify how it worked. However, I have included the .obj file (plus the textures, of course), so people are free to do their own conversion of this wondrous resource.

Make sure to spread it to your virtual flowers, makes 'em grow nicely.

Feel free to do whatever you want with it, however. (CC 3.0)

PS: Road Apples aren't apples, just like urinal cake is not cake. Do not eat Road Apples, mmmkay?
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Can you a reference of a horse butt Daz3d of this, please?

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LOL! I can't believe you made horse poo for DAZ. Classic. ;-)
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It was clearly needed! :D
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Thank you!
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:confused: I've only known them as horse apples . . . Whatever they're called, they'd be great for that finishing touch! ;) Thanks!
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You're welcome! :D
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You're welcome!
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Perfect, thanks!
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