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Another random piece that was infesting my brain until I got it out! Yay Vinyl! <3
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Katze-Wolf|Student Digital Artist
I'm gonna be the mane event
Like no mare was before!
I'm brushing up on breaking down
I'm ramping up that base!
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GreenLinzerd|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Her horn looks like it's full of air.
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ScotchNvl|Hobbyist Writer
Not a fan of the bulbous horn style myself either.
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OmegaMajora99's avatar
Imma tap dat plot.
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OmegaMajora99's avatar
You know, looking back on it, I realize what an idiotic comment that was. It's a shame you can't delete posts on this. Trust me, I'm not a clopper.
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Star-Killer89's avatar
Whoops, sorry if I'm warning you only now, but I used this image as a reference for a fanart I did for a friend over Tumblr some time ago: star-killer89.deviantart.com/a…
I gave you credit for the reference, though.

I hope you don't mind if I used your image as a model. I can assure you I did not trace it, I only tried to recreate it, since her pose and expression were just perfect for the situation of the image I had in mind.
So, again, sorry if it took me so long to remember to warn you. ^^;
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Fruitfang|Hobbyist General Artist
She has that "haters gonna hate" pose
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RainbowjackMusic|Student General Artist
Hey I was wondering if I could use this in a video for a song please? I need a sexy picture of Vinyl that isn't clop, don't ask why just go with it.
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House-Jr's avatar
All the stallions wanna tap that. =w=
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SomeKindaSpy's avatar
I'm imagining some awesome beats playing in the background and Vinyl is bouncing her butt to the beat.
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stickman00's avatar
check out that bass cannon
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DragonFace69|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
DJ pon-3 :D
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FieldmasterFox's avatar
Look at the SWEET CHEEKS on this =p =p =p
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Feather-Dragon|Hobbyist General Artist
Haters gonna hate.
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Dragoon694|Hobbyist Digital Artist
w00t Vinyl!
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AlTheJuggernaut's avatar
Ass. Ass? ASS!
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Iccc|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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ThatOneDashieFan's avatar
Meh, I dig it. :iconbrohoofplz:
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What I'm imagining: SWAG
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zaiali's avatar
hehe, When Octavia told her to walk fancy, Vinyl just FLANKED it! :iconrainbowdashlaughplz: (WTF kinda icon pic is that!? )

Nice shading.

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jamesprager's avatar
I really like her ass- uredly well drawn mane.
Good job.
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jonnydash|Hobbyist Digital Artist
love the shading and detail.

very good work!
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Premann|Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice bASS *deal with it*
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