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GunShit by skipshot GunShit :iconskipshot:skipshot 6 0
Farmer God
From on high, God looks down upon the faithful.
Staring with thoughtful reprise, then gleefully accepted their obedience, and servitude.
With a simple hand gesture, all knelt to bow.
Congratulating them with favor, he then waited for their spirits to crescendo.
At the top, through the pomp and circumstance, God let his might blade fall.
Again, pleased by the results, and spoke dryly,
“Ah, another bunch of Numskulls for the Noggin Pile.”
:iconskipshot:skipshot 1 3
Enjoy the Fallout
Before we go to sleep, would you like to hear a story?
Today is the last day.
There is no more tomorrows.
The long winding road ends,
My shoes are worn thin,
and …
The water is fine, come on in.
:iconskipshot:skipshot 1 0
The Same Coin
One side always says yes, while the other says no.
Fighting all day, and never budging, is the lack of compromise.
With each toss, the results never change, and nothing to show.
Toss the ball up, watch it fly, watch it fall.
Being alone in a game made for two, is a game set to lose.
No matter the effort, no matter the ingenuity, and nothing to show.
Effort forward brings joy, while slowing brings fear.
Drawing in reserves to bolster, and defend, is to show weakness.
Resist the ebb and flow, toil long to tread, and nothing to show.
To flow with the times, to wallow in consistency, tears us asunder.
Rising above the fray, is to wear the bullseye with honor.
Provide the right, offer reason to wrong, and...
Break the mold.
:iconskipshot:skipshot 1 0
Home on a Saturday Morning
Who can remember those days, points in time, life caught on wax?
A smell of being whole, and sun-rays through the eyelashes, glitter on the heart.
I must never forget the motion cotton balls made in my daydreams.
Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon, sizzle and pop.
In the other room, grand dad's Big Ben opens dialog, tick, tick, tick, Bong....
One O'clock, Mom lets the radio hiss, a man's friendly voice, and its Paul Harvey.
Resting my elbows on the table, drinking in the day, when string beans appear.
Without a word, re-flexing hand and peering knife, the job begins.
Viewing the world around, foregoing time's passing, my back wriggles up a chill.
Having done this a thousand time, a warm shall falls heavy across my shoulders, Thanks.
Before me, upon the fire place's mantel, I see photos my family.
Returning to my body, sensing the Age in my bones, I recall a long life lived.
Would I give any of it back; for more time? Never, but on a lighter note, I am still here, Right?
Saturday mornings, always re
:iconskipshot:skipshot 1 0
Speakers Under the Soil
The Dead have something to say, and it arrives on a cold wind.
Deep within the Tundra, frozen by the passing time, eyes of man once tread.
Still, there are those voices who have refused to fall into Silence.
Here enters Life, and the blood that flows red.
March of the Living, it grinds forward pressing plow into furrow, and man's eyes tread on.
Still, there are those who believe in their voices, and refuse to fall Silent.
Onward to the Future, and welcome its locomotion with open arms.
Though unclear to what comes, none Living shall pass the Veil of Inverness.
Still, there are those who conceal and quell the Unfalllen.
:iconskipshot:skipshot 3 0
The Edged View Door
The Edged View Door -|-
We know how to enter and exit, but stay?
What do I mean, stay? Lets start with enter and exit. We enter the door into another room, to where we exited the hall a moment ago. Now imagine instead of exiting, you stay there. Are you in another place, or are you of two places at once? What would be the point of staying? Are you going to inhabit the gap between two places, or is this a world we can't see?
In an odd way, think of it as a downgrade from 3D to 2D. Up/Down and Left/Right, no In/Out. In my mind, not really a nice experience. So, what else can we do?
Maybe we can use it as a door in a unilateral way. Yes, to go into some kind of depth here, we can go back to the sample of the standard 3D perspective door. We pass through a plane, or a veil. It exists, but as a constant nil-space, that of the hall, and the room. In our case where we're looking into the edged view door, you have actually opened two new spaces.
The two new spaces are up/down and sideways, or
:iconskipshot:skipshot 0 0
The Lost Mind
Lost is a state of mind.
Forget what you know, and ask.
Where should someone be?
When should someone be?
What should someone be?
Lost is a state of being.
Forget what you are, and ask.
Should Time matter, in a place that's lost?
Should Reality matter, in a place that's lost?
Should Life matter, in a place that's lost?
Lost is a state of Heart.
Forget what happens, and ask.
If a grain of sand struck and Ocean Liner, would it still not leave a mark?
If a breeze caressed your cheek, can you deny it wasn't a kiss?
If a mother hugs their dying child for the last time, does that mean its over?
Lost is a state of Need.
Forget about the hunger, and ask.
Is this my driving force?
Is this my reasoning for thought?
Is this my understanding of life?
Lost is a state of mind, and without asking why,
If can never happen.
:iconskipshot:skipshot 3 0
Letting Go
Robert B. Dutton
Today is my day to awaken the slumbering Coma, and it's pet, Introvert. I can only speculate the drain I will feel, but the pleasure will be in the stretching of my inelastic fibers. I know how they will whine and carry on, but again, the sound they will make. I imagine them cracking, even twisting through a visual aid. Broom bristles being stepped on and bent. Perhaps a pair of dry withered hands clasped together and wrenching under the stress. I am feeling more awake now, and it is good.
When I said I wanted to awaken the slumbering Coma, I had to of been reaching for straws. I had no idea what I wanted. What happened was letters, one after the other. I told myself, in thought only, “Get started. Say anything. It's the medicine of momentum.” To be honest, I had an entirely different start, but this is where it went. It takes time to come back, and under the weight of Coma, my circulation was nearly stagnant.
Standing still, or sitting in pla
:iconskipshot:skipshot 0 0
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To start, the rustic impression it gives is fantastic. The hammering on the spine is a clever clue that it is hand made. Using bone is ...

I like the angle, looks familiar, oh yeah; a crowbar. Given that I'm used to a crowbars weight, I would like to know how it feels in th...


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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I hide behind closed eyes and see with my heart. All things in this universe are created with unique and distinct differences. The one thing that remains constant is time and that never stops. Everything we see and do will be recorded for the passing. It is only then will we know the truth.

Current Residence: Clinton, Iowa
Favourite genre of music: Ambiant/Electronica
Favourite style of art: Abstract/Minimalism
Wallpaper of choice: Mine
Favourite cartoon character: Angry Beavers
Personal Quote: SSDD
I am aiming to finish my first novel in January. How can I do it when Life keeps throwing crap at me? Therefore I am looking for a good set of crappy windshield wipers; know anybody? My poor baby blues are turning a terrible shade of mud. This makes my over all determination tainted and a skew. (I must have it, I will find it; there will be no substitute.)
  • Listening to: My voices


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