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The Monkey and the Serpent: Wukong
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Published: October 16, 2012
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Continuing off my post here: [link] This the model sheet for the main character Wu Kong. Yes, he's based of Son Wukong/Goku of "Journey to the West" fame. And yes, he's very "Sonic-y." Its a style thing, and I can't help it. Also, the arms/hands aren't attached because they obscure the head and vice versa. Design Flaw, yes, so I might shrink the hair a little bit. Definitely shrinking the hands per my professor's suggestion. What do you guys think? Inks and colors later, possibly
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great man

I like your Wukong made ​​in this retro style cartoon.
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SkipperWingProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!
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FatalRaineProfessional Digital Artist
More please. :)
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SkipperWingProfessional Digital Artist
Will do!
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kamesenHobbyist General Artist
Great character sheet, bro!
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SkipperWingProfessional Digital Artist
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Cute design :aww:

Shrinking the hands and hair might be a good idea, but I think that there are ways you could work around that problem. I think the best alternative would be to lengthen the arms and legs a little bit and exaggerate the character's postures even more to make sure there is always space between his hands and head. For example, in that bottom right image where he's in the kung-fu pose, if you curved the arm that's closest to us around and up above the head (like this guy here: [link] ), then it could create negative space between the hand and the head and make the pose more readable.
It would also mean making the character a lot more stretchy and bendy than he he is now, though :P
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Piggybank12Professional Filmographer
I agree with :iconaskinnywhiteguy:; I think a lot of the blocky shapes could stand to be smoothed out more, especially in the hands. Looking at the feet in the pose in the bottom right corner, they don't look anywhere near as smoothed out as in the turnaround you have up above.

The other thing that bothers me is the mouth in the facial expression in the bottom left corner; something about his mouth when it's open here really bothers me, and I think it's either how it's positioned or the corners of his mouth not being smoothed out very much at all. Even just having a curve showing the skin being pushed over his eyes a little could help with fixing that. It might also be one of those things that could be fixed with coloring.

Honestly though, it's a great design so far! It does have a Sonic feel to it, but I can definitely tell you're trying to stay away from that and being moderately successful at it. Can't wait to see more! :D
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I really like the current design! I would suggest making a couple things less blocky, like his tongue. And for his hands, they might look better if they were shaped more like those of the Heavy from Team Fortress 2. His hands are kinda blocky but they're not insanely huge either. I think it's just a matter of smoothing out the cubes on him. They just don't quite fit with his head. If you were to round them a little or give them a bit of smoothness around the edges and corners, that would look really good. Beyond that, this looks cool! Faving!
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SkipperWingProfessional Digital Artist
I agree....I think the Team Fortress idea is a great one, and so I shall check that out! Thanks for the suggestions and the fav!
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