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Pathfinder RPG party commission

Forgot to post it here. Commission I did back in the end of 2014. It was fun to draw!
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The woman in black must have all sorts of stories to tell. Her weapon looks so vicious.

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Every time I search for Fantasy Commission artists for a D&D group I come across this and it always makes me sad that commissions are closed. (Though, it's understandable that you wouldn't be taking commissions with a full time job.)
It is such an incredible piece! 
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Thanks for your kind words!
Some times it makes me sad that I can't take commissions, because it looks like people are just willing to throw money at me and I'm refusing it Sweating a little...  
On other hand, I understand that I have to rest after work to maintain both of my physical and mental health too keep being productive. So, here we have it -- I don't take commissions. 
Anyway, thanks again and I hope you found yourself an artist =)
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Absolutely understandable, of course! 
No amount of risking your health is worth commissions. 
It's no wonder people are willing to throw money at you though, your art has incredible style. 
and, no problem! I'm getting closer to doing so, haha. 
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I know this was asked last year, but is there any chance that you would consider taking another commission?
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Hi! I've been working full-time as a concept artist since 2015, and since then I haven't have time for commissions.
I don't think it is possible (or even healthy) for me to take one now, as I'm spending most of my time working.
If I leave my day job I will most likely switch to commissions and short-term projects.
But, not now and not in forseeable future.

Thanks for your interest though! I'm glad people like this old work enough that they want to throw money at me =)
I'm curious, as this looks stellar. Do you still accept commissions?
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No, I'm too busy with my day job, so I'm not taking any commissions.
Thank you for your kind words!
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Great job and fun.
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Awesome. Love the cyber-Goat too. Numerian tech?
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Yeah, I guess so!
Thank you =)
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A very well constructed piece of art. How long did this take you, roughly?
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Thank you!
About 5 or 6 days, I think. It was almost 2 years ago, so I'm not certain.
wow that is great!

I need something like this for my party! ;)
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Love this, the different personalities are so apparent and what make a good adventuring group fun! Also.....nice goat!!
Fantastic! Simply great, all characters are loveley, perfectly drawn and very expressive! :)
Tremendous illustration ! I'm sure everyone whose Pathfinder characters were portrayed here were absolutely delighted ! Beautiful color, detail, and personalities !
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duuuude you rock! What are the characters?!
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this characters were commissioned, so, you know, I can't tell anything beyond what you can see with your eyes =)
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Neil DeGrasse Tyson?
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Мне не дает покоя коза... Что они будут делать с козой?!?!? )))
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Или может они УЖЕ сделали? Посмотри на довольную ухмылку мужика и пустой взгляд козы. Мне кажется, произошло нечто страшное ((((
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ОМГ, ты прав!!! А ты хитрец) 
Сразу навеяло:…
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