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Steampunk Overlord Gear

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Steampunk Overlord. AKA - Liam Murray

Many...MANY Hard hours where dedicated to making these pieces. well as blood, tears and sweat!

The Face gear was made by "Organic Armor" [link]

Not sure who made the Left Arm. But It looks great. Maybe the name will be given in due time ;)

Not sure who took the picture.


Looking for something custom? Send me a Note :D
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I don't know if this counts as a request or if you're still active..
but I would love to see a female version of this. 
I imagine it less bulky and more mobile...but beyond that....
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steambrassmanHobbyist General Artist
great costume m8
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Lordofthe44Student Digital Artist
that... is ... AWESOME!!!
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BadLukArtProfessional Artisan Crafter
I won't lie that it bothers me a little that you played a part in the construction of this costume and yet there is no mention of you on Liam Murrays page. At least not that I saw.
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Skinz-N-HydezProfessional Artisan Crafter
Nope he doesn't mention me at all. In fact he took credit for making it....
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BadLukArtProfessional Artisan Crafter
That (In my opinion) is one of the all time lowest things a human being can do to another. Does he not realize how he will appear to the very community in which he desires to thrive. It is by all means still a small enough community in which other Artists (such as myself) can recognize the work of others. I am very familiar with your work and that of the work of many skilled artists. Again, I do not know you personally but I know your work. As soon as I saw the work being displayed, it did not take much mental fortitude to deduce what had occurred. It is clearly your work, he merely possesses the ability to mislead the ignorant and those that are not versed in such things. His page displays no "Design" element nor even a build element for that matter. It is that of an event attendee that got carried away with how much attention he received at each event. I left his page with a comment and a new perspective into the character of what this man embodies.

"HE", is an arrogant and pompous self promoter who cares not for the work and talent that goes into the creation of art itself. He has gone to one to many events and has received an abundance of attention along with wonderful compliments to "His" work by the ignorant. This merely fuels his deluded sense of involvement. He also feels that money spent in a sense buys you the right to take credit. Despair not, for I have known many like him. They march to the beat of their own drum and rely on others to achieve their goals. They use vendors and then alienate them, that is OK. Word like that spreads and spreads fast. Soon he will be out of vendors and reputable people that give sound advise. He will have no one to pay and no one willing to allow him to steal their talent, hard work, and time.

The community here is a good one, but occasionally you get people who are fueled by the very attention they crave and desire. So much so that it compromises the very ethical code that most abide. Give credit where credit is do. I am sure he paid you handsomely for your services, It was then when he was confused as to what his "rights" were.
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ScareaseHobbyist General Artist
bravo you had to feel estadic when you finish making that .
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hmm steampunk meets borg COOL
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this is sooo cool, i hope everybody will walk in this kind of stuf in the future :D
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UnseenEvangelistHobbyist Digital Artist
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Elemental699Hobbyist Writer
i think my brain exploded from sheer epicness
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TheOceanspray99Hobbyist General Artist
Iron man is jealous.
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wickedshrubsStudent Traditional Artist
Wonder if its comfortable to sit xD
absolutely love the details, gyaaa! the greatness and determination put into it hurts my eyes but I cannot, for the life of me, look away! @__@
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very cool! this armor doesn't look half-assed. the end result is amazing. : )
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pacefactorProfessional General Artist
I see this and my brain goes, Dude WTF?! but in a good way!
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harlequinhybrid Artisan Crafter
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AMAZING...WANT WANT WANT O_O *drools large pool*
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Skinz-N-HydezProfessional Artisan Crafter
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This is delightful.

"And with Blood, Sweat... and tears, and the grinding of gears, we shall slave to keep our beautiful city alive."
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Skinz-N-HydezProfessional Artisan Crafter
The Cog is Dead.

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justicedefenderStudent General Artist
Just for kicks, you should add a steampunk Iron Man helmet.
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Skinz-N-HydezProfessional Artisan Crafter
lol, wish I had one ;)
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Why am I suddenly hearing the theme to "Iron man" in my head ...?

This looks awesome, you're great. Your whole gallery is.
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Skinz-N-HydezProfessional Artisan Crafter
lol thanks!
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