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Steampunk Glove-O-Love

Be sure to check out my etsy shop for some Steampunkified leathery goodness! [link]

Custom Order Gauntlet --> [link]

(Prop for short film)
A huge thanks to Maddogmaxx for the help! Check out his skill at leather! Its crazy awesome! [link]

Made with
odds and ends
a lil love
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Oh my freaking god, this is AMAZING??? I love this, it looks so cool! ♥___♥
skullofmyenemies's avatar
This looks good and all, but am I the only one who thinks that looks like part of a costume for an industrial revolution Iron Man?
jasetro's avatar
The original ironman`s arm
AgentDarling1889's avatar
made with love ,great work
Rupert-Appleyard's avatar
Simply spectacular wow!
Almost looks like Steampunk Iron Man.
sonicfizz's avatar
The crowd has spoken you've got to make a tutorial! XD
TheAmazingDERP's avatar
are these any kind of durable?
bear48's avatar
black-cat16's avatar
How the fuck people make such things? It's fantastic o_O
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this is awesom! could you submit some tutorial for this kinda stuff, that would be awesome.
Twentyone21w's avatar
Steam Punk IronMan
Morwynn's avatar
These are very lovely, the work on all of your gloves is fantastic, I really like the your use of the rivets.
If you don't mind my asking what are those lights? Are they LED's in casings which you made up or did they come that way? Thanks.
robotvampirekitty's avatar
Artheku's avatar
It is amazing!!
GayStudent's avatar
It lights up! OMG!
Journei's avatar
Well, I'm in love.
TapSkill's avatar
Very game-like. I think you should have a full-time career making stuff like this! (You have one, right?!)
Tearahk's avatar
This is amazing looking! :D
darkslyer7raven's avatar
sweetness! i love it!
ShadowMystorm's avatar
Super impressive!
Sgt-Sahara's avatar
That is so cool xD
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