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Soviet Russian Steampunk Assassin Gear

Steampunk Russian/german Assassin gear.

Made with
leather, brass, rivets, studs, buckles, lots more!

Come join me over on facebook
or etsy
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You made this?! All I make are wooden boxes, birdhouses, shelves, and signs.
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Is that tiny Narsil?
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wow this is so brutal but must way a ton

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Truly amazing. Were do you get your studs? i cant seem to find any that are flat like the ones in triples holding the belts on the waist......or are they rivvets... Sorry im still brand new to this leatherworking world. and that brass! how do you get this great stuff!
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This is very lovely very veery lovely, you do some beautiful and awesome leather a metal plates.
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Wow, look at that style, I would love to be that awesome.
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Hell yeah, that's aweomse! I should get a suit like that from you for my girlfriend! =D
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omg! love it! want it! awesome!
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Amazing! Whose boobs were those cups meant to fit, btw?
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This is super HOT! I wish I was that talented!
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Ohahahaha, this is glorious! Such an opposite creation towards my request, nice! :D
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In Soviet Russia, you kill the assassin..
no? ok..
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Oh my god it is so sexy
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So sexy! I really love the front-holstered dagger~ <3
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Cool , let's see someone wearing it.
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miniature aragorn's sword :D

Must've been a lot of work! I like the way you can see how you shaped the brass.
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