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Japanese Twist Steampunk Arm

Full View of Full Steampunk arm. With an Japanese armor flair to it.
Commissioned piece.
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how much would a similar piece commission for?
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Having a debate with a friend wether it's plate on leather or it's all plate!? please prove me right
Skinz-N-Hydez's avatar
Brass plate on leather ;)
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Where can I learn to make steampunk stuff I have been looking for resources but I can't seem to find anything.
Skinz-N-Hydez's avatar
I'm self taught so can't really help in that department. I know YouTube has a wealth of info and google will have some tutorials. might have a few tutorials. Good luck!
I soo want this
AgentDarling1889's avatar
good proportions ,nice work
Fucking beautiful, sorry for the language, but that's great.
JamieHoltSherfy's avatar
Wow. You did a great job.
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this reminds me the gauntlets worn by cliff fitter from star ocean till the end of time x3
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That's a rather interesting approach. So many examples of steampunk armor and limbs always tend to have a European or German flare to them, but something based on Samurai armor is never really considered.
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I'm already saving up money so I can get an arm similar to this from you for my little sister. Lol. It's gonna take another year or two.... :(
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I would like a commission, if you'd like to message me!
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This is so awesome! Are you selling them?
Skinz-N-Hydez's avatar
These ones are already sold ;) But do take on custom orders!
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Dang this is tight, love the armor steampunk arm, is there other armor parts that goes with it? jw
Ninja-Sempai's avatar
what sort of materials to you use for it and your others?
this looks great by the way
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its sleek which is attractive for me.
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Dude, this is so awesome!! :D
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