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Inquisitor Steampunk Half Leg

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The Grand Inquisitor - Right Leg - Boot not included!


This is a Handmade, One off Steampunk Half leg.
A beautiful piece of craftsmanship this leg will last for years to come! Hand dyed with Eco-Flo Dyes to give it that worn out look.

In theory this leg produces a enhancement serum that recycles through the wearers blood stream. A Cocktail of unknown ingredients combined with the DNA of the Human blood results in a full and utter equilibrium, awareness and agility. Which makes it the perfect upgrade for any grunt, commando, pirate, or the fighter in you.

Well, I guess it doesn't do any of that.
But it looks pretty and would go Perfect with a cane in Hand and a Top hat!

Made with:
Nuts and Bolts
Dyes and Finishers
Odds and Ends
Found Objects
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This was used in Rocket Robin Hood Rescues Marion From the Castle, as part of Robin and the Merry Band's gear. Hope that's okay. Thank you.
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What a genius
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I used this wonderful piece in my art work. I hope you don't mind I gave you credit below the photo. :)

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Beyond Awesome!
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that is amazing. You did a great job.
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Amazing work.
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damn i wish i lived near you Finchy, we'd be awesome friends! :D
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this is cool
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This makes me imagine a steem punk ironman. That would be awesome.
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AMAZING!! How does it go on? Does it slip on or are there ties or belts in the back or something?
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what is steampunk? i've heard of it a few times and it seems amazing! lol can u explain?
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lol, easiest way to explain it --> [link]
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Right leg not included?? Why ever not?!?! :giggle:
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lol, Well... I guess if one where to pay enough money... Maybe.

Its actually For the right leg. Boot Not included! lol
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holy moly! stunning work!
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i fucking love you're awesomework!!!! i'm love in steampunk!!!!!
Skinz-N-Hydez's avatar
THanks a lot!
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nop^^realy love it :la: i really love stemapunk movement^^ can you do a mask of spiderman in steam punk version?
Skinz-N-Hydez's avatar
A steampunk SPider man mask would be awesome! I'm just TOO Busy!
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