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First Steampunk Gun Prop - WIP

Started making a gun a few days ago. Its almost finished.
Need to make a stand and/or Holster for it.

Will be up for sale soon on my etsy site
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Jan 14, 2006, 3:19:41 AM
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holy shit this is badass
ThePhoenixKing32's avatar
theres no trigger...
Skinz-N-Hydez's avatar
Voice activated ;)
Welcome to the future past!
WelderFace's avatar
Awesome! This has a really retro look about it, (which was the idea I guess =P Um, but the hand grip looks a little thin, otherwise, this is a really brilliant piece!
Skinz-N-Hydez's avatar
I tried to add leather to the grip... it just didnt look right
WelderFace's avatar
I guess so ^^ If you had the time/money I guess you could try and do a wooden grip, but that's just an idea =)
HerrvonSmit's avatar
It appears to me that you forgot the little thingie what makes it able to shoot.
Or is it airpressurised constant flowing?
Skinz-N-Hydez's avatar
lol, voice activation ;)
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Okay, this excites me to no limit! I saw this, and was so impressed. I said to myself: that is the most original design for a steampunk gun that I've seen yet!
....and then I scrolled down and saw it was made by you, and it made me glee for a moment there! I'm so stoked to see you do more in this direction to go along with your brilliant armour stuffs. I'd -love- to see you do a pistol-sword at some point, like a Sky Pirate's Cutlass, or something...

For the record: I simply -adore- the nozzle coming from the lion's mouth! :D
Skinz-N-Hydez's avatar
lol, awe thanks so much.

A few people think the barrel is to thin... but I like it.

I really like the pistol-sword idea. So much to do, so little time...
tarorae's avatar
I think the barrel's not too thin if its firing something -other- than a bullet, like an aether beam, or lightning!

I'd looove to see you do a pistol-sword! let me know if you decide to~
fixinman's avatar
Oh man you have reset the bar of crazy cool.
Skinz-N-Hydez's avatar
lol, thanks a lot!
boogerscat1's avatar
Very, very cool! You did a great job.
Skinz-N-Hydez's avatar
Thanks very much :)
Xethizanar's avatar
You have done it again, mister. You just blew my brains out, not with the gun, but with your amazing skills! ;)
Skinz-N-Hydez's avatar
lol, oh jeez! Sorry.. i have a bit of brain on me..
Farc0n's avatar
This looks pretty cool :D
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