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Emperors Armor Of Empowerment

Yes, the pictures suck. In the process of taking better ones... ones of it being worn.

Armor I made for a local Fashion Show... Finally finished. 20 minutes before it was due! YIKES! Now back to orders......

More info on the armor here-----> [link]
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Did you tool the octopus on there? All of this is great. No, not because it is Steampunk, but because I can appreciate every single process you did to make this piece. It's beautiful. I've done leather for 7 years and I work at a Tandy Leather Factory, so I understand the time, money, patience and pain invested in such work... and this must have taken you forever and a day to create. You sir are fantastic. Keep making amazing work :)
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Whats its awsome meter? ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!
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this just made me 0_____0
i totally faved...
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Great job on the outfit :D
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fantastic amazing work, I love zhis very much
Wow even without taking better pictures, the awesomeness blasts through my monitor!
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This looks very nice^^ It looks very time consuming to put it on :D Is it comfortable?
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dude you know your work is awesome great job
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this is amazing! you have talent my friend, the intricate details put into this piece are phenomenal. great job!
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Holy shit, the detail in this is amazing! Just a beautiful piece of armor!
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Dude, this is fantastic work.
Great job!
Did you repousee the lion on the breastplate? If not, how did you do that?
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Thanks a lot!

Its actually a brass lion head bolted on a brass plate ;)
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Wow...That's all I can say is wow, that is fantastic!
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You're welcome!
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I'm going to the show! I look forward to seeing it walked down the runway~ Congrats on the plug in the Times Colonist too!
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Thanks! Hope to see you there! ... Its in the Colonist?!
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Yes! A couple days ago, they mentioned you by name, and the fashion show, and featured my other friend who's in it, Tierre Joline and her hats. :D
Skinz-N-Hydez's avatar
Awesome! THanks for letting me know!
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Absolutely gorgeous work, as always! When I worked with leather for a tunic, my wrist gave out. I can only imagine that your entire body gives out after such a project. lol
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lol, I think my body is used to it. My fingers have so many scars, cuts and calluses. And they ache on a daily basis. :P
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