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Update: We have approval from Disney. I look at this as a flight. We've been cleared for takeoff and now we just do one last preflight check of everything and then we launch. I'm thinking Sunday night at midnight. Technically Monday. Wish us luck.

Okay so here's where we are:

1. Site is done.

2. Software is done

3. Cart is done

4. Forums are done.

5. Disney's theme approved.

6. Waiting on Sony Ericsson to give is a link to their theme because they're hosting the download.

7. Wall-E hypersuite was approved by Pixar.

That's it. We're ready to go. Just waiting on the 2 companies to finish their part and we launch. Will be any day now.

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Awesome...I'll have to check it out! :)
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my excitement abounds, i can't wait, good luck with the launch i know im gonna be about around midnight sunday/monday :)
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oooo won't be long now :excited:
Any more updates? I am so anxious to see what you guys have! Keep up the good work!
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I wish you all the best for your release! I just went back to XP not long ago and I'm excited to see what the final products look like! :)
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Good luck for the launch! Seems to be a big event in the desktop customization world.

Was there any pricing info already revealed? Site licence maybe? (Site: living room + kids room) :)
My daughters UMPC has just arrived, we got a couple of days until her birthday, and I consider handing it over with the disney theme provided that it's usable on 1024x600.
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Its 1 license per user. We do drop the price down significantly if users buy more than 1 license.

Should work on 1024 x 600 since its using Microsoft's theming engine. Don't see why not.
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wicked! Glad to hear it's all ready to go, well excited ;) It's always the way though, f*ing clients screwing up your deadlines after you've worked your ass of to get it ready on time.
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make sure to party when everything is done. ;)
well deserved IMO.
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w00p w00p
cant wait...
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Amazing news buddy. You are on your way ... again. ;)

Impressive work as always. Cheers mate. :nod:
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I thought you had said you would launch on Wednesday, with or without the approval from Disney? Don't you have any complete theme that you can launch with?
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Yes but I'm also waiting on Sony Ericsson for the download link because i don't want to host their files. Which was supposed to be sent to me on Monday. It's the difference of launching with 5 themes or 3. I'd rather launch with 5.
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Thanks - good luck. I can't wait to give it a spin.
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One more Good news!..
Hope 2 companies finishing they work very soon!...
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Good luck again with the release. :):clap::clap:
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Not surprisingly, your company's works are still a 'WOW' factor!! Amazing job Jeff!! I love it!! I showed it to my kids too and they all loved it!! lol..:aww:
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Nice! I've posted 2 articles about the coming of Hyperdesk in the waiting time. and finally I can see the launch!

Great job!
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Does it support Vista 64-bit?
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Doesn't support any flavor of Vista yet.
Wow, everything looks amazing. Keep up the good work!

I just hope one thing:
When a window is maximized, you can put your mouse all the way to the top right corner of the screen and it will still click the close button. If a theme doesn't have that I will never use it.
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