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The Skins Factory Retrospect

This is the collective works of The Skins Factory over the last six and a half years. More than just an image, it represents passion in its pure form and more creative energy than you could ever imagine. Each individual image represents a labor of love, very long hours, large amounts of imagination and sometimes even stress as the team strives to hit deadlines.

Other studios have claimed they're "experts", but i truly feel no one does it better than The Skins Factory.

To my team at The Skins Factory: I dedicate this to you. You've earned every accolade received. Billy, Roman, Lowen, Tony, Adil, Kol, Ian, Gorman, Kript, Kig and the many others, represent the best of the best and it's an honor to work with you every single day.

The best is yet to come.


Jeff Schader (aka Jesh)
President & Chief Executive Officer
The Skins Factory, Inc.
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for fucks sake what a nexcore i hope u got bankz of money for that

adding this to fave! really inspiring and creative works with lots of details... ive search so much stuff online but kudos to your group, for me you are still unmatched when it comes to UI/UX
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WOW - some of those skins still blow me away - the detail, the artistic flare!
CheeseEnthusiast's avatar

Absolutely amazing work. This redefines (to some extent) my ideas about interfaces.
skinsfactory's avatar
Not quite as cool as Gruyère but we try :-)
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The Skins Factory is a monopoly! haha like it anyway =)
Celtor's avatar
Insane :) Absolutely insane :D Truly awesome digital work!
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Thanks. 2 Years old though and it needs to be updated.
DarkMac1's avatar
Woah! thats some really nice skins!
jaguanna's avatar
fan as always!
bikerboy's avatar
That is a lot of excellent work captured all together, portfolio style. :thumbsup:
PARMODA's avatar
perfect , i like this collection :love:
need :+fav:
EnzuDes1gn's avatar
fantastic retrospective Jesh :clap:

One day i truly hope to join you guys, till then keep up the amazing work :D
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May i just ask one thing, it would have been nice to get some links to the skins factory artists and not just written names, as it would be soo great to see how they developed over the time in the skin style etc, i was upset you did not add links :cry: i only managed so far to find Roman and Adil, Kol's a good mate so i know him already :P, but the many others could not find :(
Comik-radd's avatar
*Clawing at the Half Life skin*

*Asterisk Action is action-ey*
Alecal's avatar
Omg, very god job, awsome!
PoulNyrup's avatar
"Wow" just doesn't come close...

Congratulations with the first 6 years... :-)
Pathard's avatar
Wow. Great job :D
jOsSse's avatar

i had a really good time watching ur skins!

nizee... i think i got 1 or 2 from there

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