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March 10, 2009
STAR TREK SE Audio Remote by *skinsfactory Don't wait until May to experience a new Star Trek, beam down this official widget of the original series right now. With incredible animations and true Star Trek sounds, it's a must have for trekkies and non trekkies alike.
Featured by mrrste
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STAR TREK SE Audio Remote

The Official Star Trek Special Edition Audio Remote for iTunes and Windows Media Player 11 is now available here at deviantART.

From the moment you hear the transporters energize and the widget "beam" onto your desktop, you'll know that this was made by Trekkers for Trekkers.

A free companion to the newly released Star Trek: The Original Series Windows XP hypersuite on sale now: [link]

Special Note:

Firefox users can download directly by clicking the download button.

Internet Explorer users need to right-click on the download button and "Save Target As" in order to download it from here.

Designed by The Skins Factory. TM & © 2009 CBS Studios Inc.
© 2009 - 2021 skinsfactory
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DJDale69's avatar
I have been trying for about 3 days now to port this over to Xwidget but I don't know how to write code and I'm unable to make it perfect with the built in tools for Xwidget. Is there a possibility that you can create this widget for use with Xwidget ??? When I run two different widget engines it causes some problems with my system and I make and use widgets for Xwidget. I'm sure MANY people would be happy if you did this !!! I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks
Space0ctopus's avatar
Aww this is so epic and beautiful! I wish you had made one for either xwidget or rainmeter though :(
So-Vain-0176's avatar
I wanted this theme so bad That I promised myself when I got a new PC I was going to get the theme for my PC and everything!!
Got the huge amazing.. PC today..
Which just happened to be Windows Vista..

That icon is pretty much literally what I did.


unk18's avatar
wow COOL
skinsfactory's avatar
We did that emblem as a cursor for the PlayStation 3 themes.
unk18's avatar
WinkGuy1's avatar
TibodinJay's avatar
Fantastic ! I know a lot of folks who would love to have access to this :D
skinsfactory's avatar
So let them know ;-)
TibodinJay's avatar
I shall, I shall. I'm also impressed. Usually, when someone gets a DD, they really nver respoond. And you did it so quickly :rofl: Anyway, you did a fantastic job on this. Congrats :D
Captain34's avatar
Great art work and player looks cool but I'm a Mac, so I'll be happy with the art. :-)
EgrazCarn's avatar
holy crap!! :D i love it!!!!

i forget how to install it though.. o-o
skinsfactory's avatar
You need to download yahoo widgets.
true-soldier's avatar
Wow, I'm not a treckie myself, but that is still well done.
DarkestElemental616's avatar
:heart: :heart: :heart: STAR TREK TOS FTW! *downloads*
skinsfactory's avatar
OMG this is good? Or OMG this is crap? :-)
So-Vain-0176's avatar
OMG- I can't wait till I get a new Card on the net so I can buy this thing.. LOL Though ~ I downloaded media player 11 and tried to download this thing... but I fail at technology.. haha so I couldn't really figure it out.. anyways~ The whole thing looks really cool. :D
skinsfactory's avatar
You need to download Yahoo Widgets and then once that is installed just click the downloaded widget file.
Ace-the-FSMLC's avatar
Sugoi~! This is great!! X3 *faved*
MrsNox's avatar
51MB! Whoa, my computer is really slow, but I must-download-!!! ;) Thanks very much!!!
Doubledub's avatar
This work with Vista?
skinsfactory's avatar
Actually yes it does. The theme doesn't but this does.
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