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Playlist Music Player for iOS: Nocturne Theme

A look at our in-development iOS iPhone + iPod Touch music player app called Playlist Music Player. This image shows the Nocturne theme.

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Is this available still for iOS? would also be great to get a Android, Windows Media Player Version and iTunes too. Love this, so simple yet elegant and colourful. Great work.
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Everything always looks and works better with a darker contrast, really love the design Jeff, frickin excited for the launch and beta :D
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This could be an epic and useful app if it did more than just playlists.  Add some radio functionality specifically shoutcast and a nice visual spectrum eye candy for playing music then you have a winner.  Not to mention it MUST have landscape support, so many apps lack that and suffer because of it.  Simplicity and clean design, win all the time.
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Not doing landscape for a music app since people don't hold their phones that way unless they're reading, browsing, watching videos or playing games. Not dealing with Shoutcast. This is about your iTunes music library and delivering a more engaging front end and extremely easy way to create playlists on-the-go.
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Why would you hold a phone to listen to music??? You listen to music in your car and its in landscape because you use navigation on it and switching between the two would be ridiculous, or surfing the web in landscape, texting in landscape then having to multitask to a flipping portrait app, thats ludicris.  I've never met a single person that has any problems or hassle with playlists, Apple's library is extremely engaging and can't be beat, I'm not seeing the point here.  At least Apple gets this right with their native music app that supports landscape for browsing my music(beautiful cover flow) but thats Apple, I'm sorry I guess only big companies know how to make something that suits more than ones taste. 
This was only a suggestion but as with most devel's they never want to hear what a potential customer wants only what they think is wrong for correction.  This app is a solution to a non-existent problem or caters to an extremely small portion of confused users.
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I agree with you in that it should have landscape mode, I can see some use for it (what you mentioned among others).
But you shouldn't give yourself so much credit, if they (TSF) think like that is not because their thought is just like that, is because they should've made some sort of poll or just because of their experiences, gathered together trough development of other apps like this one.
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Well I guess you know best.
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Absolutely gorguous!
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Too bad there's no android version ;<
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Too bad you've got no manners.
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Too bad you don't understand what i mean by my comment.
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