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Hyperdesk Windows 7

Now available at [link]
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i cant had it before. but comp wiped :( and i cant find it anymore... where can i PLZ downlaod it?

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any chance you are gonna release a new theme for windows 10? they are too white and flat for my taste!
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It's only available as part of the theme. Sorry.
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Bs paying for a theme
skinsfactory's avatar
I guess you work for free? This is our work.
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whoa wicked!!i'm speechless

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Looks cool, I'll try it :-)
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I really2x like this one, where could I download this for free?
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You can't, as it's not free.
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ive tried so hard to get this...never got it
nice job pal..... it is one of the best i have ever seen
I've had this theme for a couple years and I love it......I dont use the wall paper but the widget, Folders and media player are the best out there.
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@WildRob71: And by the way this section is the Desktop Screenshots section and guess what I'm showing... wait for it... a desktop screenshot. I guess you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer are ya?
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I is people like you that piss me off you advertise a theme and all it is a fucking pic get a life or get the fuck off here and quit misrepresenting you DOUCHBAG
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The link is in the description dumb ass.
skinsfactory's avatar
We've been members of deviantART for over 10 years. So for you to tell us to "get the fuck off here" is freaking laughable.
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That's awesome, just ordered mine
skinsfactory's avatar
He should end up being banned this time since this is the second time he posted.
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Thanks for pointing this out. He'll be banned again shortly.
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He did :nod: This person has been banned from deviantART permanently.
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