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October 2, 2011
Hyperdesk DM Subspace Vista by *skinsfactory - Putting enormous amounts of time in perfecting the Dark Matter series, SkinsFactory dishes out one of the most comprehensive, fluid and tasteful themes for the Windows operating system. Subspace is one of a few jaw dropping themes in the lineup that provides a nearly full user experience with complete desktop, menu, sub-menu and icon upgrades with Hyperdesk at it’s core. If your like me where it’s all or none and will only settle for the best is OS theme replacement, this one has got to be at or near the top of the list. For a full demonstration, check out the Hyperdesk website to see it in action.
Featured by zandog
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Hyperdesk DM Subspace Vista

DarkMatter: Subspace for Hyperdesk Vista is now on sale at [link]

Also available: Versions for Windows 7 and XP.

Here is a shot of the Windows 7 version here at dA. Much more themed: [link]
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vjhay's avatar
how can i download it?
aMorle's avatar
This is by far the most amazing interface I have seen in a while. Great JOB!
Can u offer me this skin
aMorle's avatar
You are very welcome! MOID for sure - MASTER OF INTERFACE DESIGN!!!!
lyt98's avatar
buddha bar?
i heared
//my old xp theme……
Player-Designer's avatar
mielsumen's avatar
Thats tottaly awesome dude :D
Davisqui-Photography's avatar
I wish I could have my laptop like this, but in red
relhom's avatar
lockjavv's avatar
still using mine. I bought all the colors. I mostly switch back and forth from the blue and the orange tho .... orange? or is it yellow lol. Eh either way i love these. I dont see a difference between this and the one i bought over a year ago .... is this just a late entry?
lockjavv's avatar
ah .. scratch that i just seen it was submitted in 2009. That would explain it ;P
skinsfactory's avatar
Yeah they didn't choose the Windows 7 version :-)
Inoki-Sakaeru's avatar
To me this seems totally bloated with useless stuff. Way too much of everything. Less is more, simplicity is the key to brilliance, this is too far from it, like the galaxy it maybe aspired to portrait.

For science-fiction fanatics this may be the real deal, for minimalists and those who consider less being more this is far from perfect.

Simply put, too exaggerated.
skinsfactory's avatar
Isn't it great that you're not forced to use it then? :-)
eXticey's avatar
I'm with him on this one. It is well designed, shiny, and all, but too distracting, to a point where it actually hurts my eyes. It's just too fancy.

But once again, from a designer standpoint, it's well created, and ambitious.
Just too much.
skinsfactory's avatar
You can't judge it by an image. When you use it, it's much less overwhelming. You're seeing everything engaged at the same time for the screenshot. It's different when you're using it normally. Much less crowded.
eXticey's avatar
The whole shiny-glowy feel to it will still be there, and that's the distracting part. To be fair, when I was like 14 or so, and used Windowblinds, I was dying for themes like this. Now I'm 21, and they just doesn't appeal to me. I do like to check the concepts out though. Once again, your skills are obviously there, it's just not for everyone.
skinsfactory's avatar
Of course it's not for everyone. But the window elements themselves are flat and black. Couple those with different wallpaper and icons and who knows.
el-el's avatar
haha.. if your response had a "like" button i would've clicked it. Good job, mate. Congrats on the DD! :)
roika-elfili's avatar
I CAN SEE THE FUTUUUURE!!!! :iconaaahhplz:

haha, seriously, this theme looks great! if only it were mac-compatible :( xD
gydrop's avatar
incredibly futuristic!
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