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DarkMatter: Subspace SE

The Skins Factory Presents the remarkably shiny, rust-proof, brand new DarkMatter: Subspace Special Edition Alloy Audio Remote for Windows Media Player 11 and iTunes. A free companion to our mega-popular Windows XP desktop theme - the DarkMatter: Subspace Hypersuite.

From the moment this ultra-animated widget materializes onto your Windows desktop, you'll understand why we love our jobs so much. We've included a special plasma visualization, a reversible transport mid-plate which houses special functions on the back and other cool features. By default, the widget is set for Windows Media Player 11. To use the iTunes functionality, simply right-click in the widget and go to Preferences.

If you enjoy this, you're going to love the DarkMatter: Subspace Hypersuite. Once you try a Hyperdesk Windows XP desktop theme, you'll never look at Windows XP the same again. You can see it here: [link]

It's uploaded here at DA for you to download. To see the product page please go to here: [link]

© Copyright 2008. The Skins Factory, Inc. All rights reserved. Designed By The Skins Factory, Inc.
© 2008 - 2022 skinsfactory
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Is there a win 10 version..?

hope you can help me to install it. congratulations on the work you do. you are very creative and you are one of the best if not the best.

yes windows 10 sorry i am using google translator

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excellent! i love it!!! Thank you so much!

sorry, widget?????????
how can i use the file?????????
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my mouth is druelling
Its a Widget file, i cant open it normally, what program is required to opening those widget files?
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damn thats BAD AZZ!!
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You don't have permission to access /desktopextras.php on this server.

I can't see this website!!
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That's because we blocked Vietnam from accessing our site. The reasons being:

We have had no sales since the momemnt we launched our products...

and yet there were countless warez sites from Vietnam pirating/stealing/distributing our work for free (cracked versions of our software) plus they would deep link the free downloads so no one would actually just come to our site, they'd just link to the downloads directly eating up our bandwidth. Sorry but I'm running a business and i don't have patience for people stealing our work.
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Yes, Vietnam has many hacker
Hi! What implement does the work asking you please use to compose?
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I have no idea what you're asking. Please reword your question for me. Thanks.
makes me wanna cry cuz I have Vista and I want to buy it...
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Soon. We're working on it.
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great dude!
:+fav: :dance:
you are an inspiration for the world of digital artists
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Unbelievably cool... Fantastic job!
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Ah man! Why didn't you launch the blue one first. It's even sexier than the yellow version!
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very very nice :) + :+fav:
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