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The Iron Giant Poster

Inspired mainly by the styles of Olly Moss, with a bit of Saul Bass, I just wanted to take a break from my usual style. I love the film The Iron Giant, and think it works well as a kids and adults film. The imagery in the film is astounding, and I wanted to capture that in this poster.

I didn't feel the need to add a title and credits to the poster because the image itself did what I wanted it to do already.

Hope you guys like it!
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PhilMatthews's avatar
Absolute class! Nice one. 
JackTheGriffin's avatar
They need to make a sequel to this! You know the giant lives so why not make another movie!
bogofp's avatar
That is cool
niallaptz's avatar
Incredible...want to buy this as a poster!!!
CAMW1N's avatar
touching my childhood with this one. Incredible.
TimothyMably's avatar
I've seen this all across Tumblr and has to reblog. Brilliant job :)
TimothyMably's avatar
had* Hate how I can't edit my comments on DA.
JeremiahLambertArt's avatar
is there anyway i could get this in a higher rez. i basically love everything about it
Emmacabre's avatar
Wow...just wow. Love the simplicity and all the symbolism involved. Looks amazing! :heart:
rain1940's avatar
Lovely! I love his moon-eye!:aww:
Cure4's avatar
This is a criminally underrated movie...Hard to believe Vin Diesel did the voice of the giant.
Luke-Lilly's avatar
Very very nice! Well done...;)
PenofGold's avatar
thnx. I'm experimenting with avatars lately.
PenofGold's avatar
awww, could I maybe use it for a screencap? :)
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