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The Dark Knight Rises Poster

I haven't made many Batman related posters, but seeing the wonderful teaser trailer for TDKR before Harry Potter convinced me that I should have a crack at it.
This is the result.
I wanted to keep with the real teaser posters colour scheme of black, white and subtle blue aswell as incorporate the rocks from that poster into this one.

Anyway, hope you guys like it!
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Wow, I love the poster and it's texture. It just looks so awesome and unique.
PS. I'm working on a Batman fanfic on, and would it be alright if I could use your TDKR fan poster as a cover on my fanfic, and give you credit for it? I totally understand if you say no.
In awe over this poster! 
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Because some asshole left a mess of cables all over the floor, damn it.
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Very nice tag line
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so we can learn to pick ourselves up
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Wow!!!!!! Now this is some work. I'll tell you what.
Where did you get the image of batman in that pose? I've been looking FOREVER and cannot find it. I'm looking to do my own poster for a school project and want batman in that pose. Help?
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Here you go:
This one lets you look through a bunch more, if you'd like to. There are some really great ones.
Thanks! You are the man! Btw, I don't know how I forgot to mention this in my first post, but your poster is awesome man. You did a really great job. Love the lens flare. You have inspired me.
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Even awesomer the 2nd time I looked at it :thumbsup::batman::thumbsup:
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Found this once again. Amazing job.
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that's some awesome stuff man! by the way, i'm working on a Dr. Strange trailer, do you have an idea for any actors with footage for both Strange and Mordo? i thought of using Ken Wantabe for Wong (because of his footage from Inception and The Last Samurai), Ralph Fiennes as Dormammu (because the one in the animated movie sounds really bad and i have no idea where Christopher Lee says any lines that fit with Dormammu) and i'm still casting the Ancient One, but i really need some help with Strange and Dormammu.
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really nice! great logo
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