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Superman: Man of Steel Poster

Not much to say about this one except that I'm rather proud of it. The colours just look really perfect and bold.

I can't wait to see Man of Steel. The Superman movies have been lacking action, and if there's one person who can change that, it's Zack Snyder. Also, having Nolan produce is a plus.

I hope you all like it!
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*This Planet Will Kneel

fixed it!
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Lol 2012, :P no offence
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Love the uniform.
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Shannon ha mencionado esta imagen en una entrevista.
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I read that interview he did where he mentioned my poster :D I had to hold back such a big squeal of excitement.
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Yo... I think this site copped ur art...

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He looks like Howard Stark from Captain America: The First Avenger :0
Good work anyways
hopefully he actually fights in this movie.
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The only thing that sucks about this?

This will probably be nothing like the real poster. And Zod is apparently wearing an outfit that's very close to the finished Superman suit for that movie. And when I say that it sucks this will not be the real poster, I mean I wish it was. Because this is a perfect image of Shannon as Zod.
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This is AWESOME.
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It's been moved to 2013.
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I made this before that was announced :/ I'd change it, but I've got a lot on at the moment.
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Damn bruh. You killed this! This is an amazing piece. you found almost the perfect picture of Shannon and built a fantastic image around him. I love the detailing in his Uniform especially the Family crest. If Shannon looks anywhere near this imposing I'll cry tears of joy.
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How on earth did you do that???? Man I really hope you are part of the Man of Steel's production office !!!!!!!!!!!
This could easily be and official poster. Good work. How did you get / create the suit?
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awesome job man! even more impressive than the one you did with Cavill.
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awsome work im really looking forward snyder is an genius....i hope they start to connect the movies like marvel did with the avengers
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