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Skulduggery Pleasant Movie Poster (Stephanie)

“I’m sorry, I’m still stuck on you losing your head.”
“I didn’t lose it. It was stolen.” 
― Derek LandySkulduggery Pleasant

Poster concept for a Skulduggery Pleasant adaptation (this time with Stephanie as the focus) . 

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Pocket Full of Sky by Elandria

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Biko, Grant Avenue Bold

Created by Luke Mawdsley
Please do not steal/upload as your own or use without permission/credit.
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Im loving this man especially!! Arya stark
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that's perfect *.*
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Hey man! Huge fan of your work! Any chance you would want to do some pieces for my Facebook page/this big comic book project...bigger than a fan film I'm hoping...? We could promote your amazing work as an artist and get some cool pieces done!

Message me!
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absolutely incredible. saw this on tumblr and cried 
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!%#2%^6# I saw this on Facebook! It's so effin' amazing!!!!!!!!!!
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Amazing once again! :D Guhhh this makes me want the film even more ;_;
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this is just so awesome. *-*
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I love the Skulduggery Pleasant movie posters. I take it this is when she's older.
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