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Skulduggery Pleasant Movie Poster


“This is your one chance. Tell me where the key is.”
Serpine raised an eyebrow. “Really?”
"No, only joking. Do your worst.” 

― Derek LandySkulduggery Pleasant

Poster concept for a Skulduggery Pleasant adaptation. 

Stock Images Used

freaksmg-stock - new skull 2 by freaksmg-stock
Pocket Full of Sky by Elandria
Sharp Dressed Hitman 04 by Null-Entity

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Biko, Grant Avenue Bold

Created by Luke Mawdsley
Please do not steal/upload as your own or use without permission/credit.
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RitoAi's avatar
Looks amazing. I'd love a movie, but I doubt it'll do the books justice. Maybe a series would be better anyway. A very awesome series. Nothing can top the books anyway.
Dude. This is awesome. Will a movie ever come out?
comicbooknerd52's avatar
A movie was supposed to come out
Spitzador's avatar
Best thing I've seen ever for skulduggery pleasant
thescifiartist's avatar
That cast! That's exactly the case I would have chosen! Unfortunately Maisie is getting too old to accurately play Val any more, but if the film got off the ground when it was originally going to then it would have been a fab choice!
skybluerabbit's avatar
 i love your posters!
Spooner78's avatar
I would love to talk to you about how you made this lol
SkinnyGlasses's avatar
I'd be completely up for that!
Project-GAME's avatar
Awesome work.

Derek Landy, the author, is planning on  a movie for this! 
He's writing the script for it!

Fingers crossed for a movie!
TheMJDoctor's avatar
I've been wanting a movie of this book since I heard rumours back in 2009 that Johnny Depp was onboard as the lead. One day, this movie will be made :)
joinarmani's avatar
Hi, can I get in contact with you guys? Or contact me directly via I need you to design thumbnails for youtube videos.
Katitan's avatar
really amazing! i wish there was a movie <3
Elandria's avatar
Great work! Makes a very striking poster :D Glad my stock came in useful!
BlivArmageddon1's avatar
god. i saw this on tumblr and broke down into tears. 
amazing .
Blueberrymuffin98's avatar
AWSOME!!! I wish this were real.... :( omg..
Null-Entity's avatar
Bloody love it, sharing this on my FB :D
Thanks for the stock use.
Atlantihero-Kyoxei's avatar
Awesome work! I wish the film was real though ;_; so sad!
But yeah anyway badass photoshop skills there :D
MrSteiners's avatar
Awesome, good to see you back!
Nicksplosivez's avatar
I really love this!
Jigoku-Tsuki's avatar
i just wish they really made a movie about it. 
amyisalittledecoy's avatar
Your work is seriously amazing!
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