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Man of Steel Poster

Well, I decided it was best to just upload it now and make any changes you guys suggest later :)

Anyway, this is my poster for upcoming blockbuster 'Man of Steel', which I'm sure you've no doubt heard of. The trailer got me ridiculously pumped for this film, so I thought it would be great to do a poster for it. I always find it tricky doing Superman posters, but I think I got the tone down quite well.

That's enough from me then. If you haven't seen the trailer already, I suggest you do. Now.

Criticise to your heart's content and as always, hope you like it!
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ArtML30's avatar
awesome you work!!!!
MrPolvikoski's avatar
He's the perfect Superman :) Can't wait for this movie!
Sc077Deadoutxx's avatar
Dude you rock!!! Please please please please do a Marvel Civil War poster..........................pleasepleasepleaseplease.....
Dwayne-L's avatar
Fantastic work. :)
SkinnyGlasses's avatar
Much appreciated :)
YoungPhoenix3191's avatar
And from where youve got this awesome image?!
SkinnyGlasses's avatar
It was a mix of this photo [link] with this press photograph of Henry Cavill [link]

I was lucky that the images actually looked good together!
YoungPhoenix3191's avatar
Tutorials! Please give us tutorials! I want to become as good, as you are! :D
SkinnyGlasses's avatar
It's something I've considered and maybe once I leave college I will, but until then I just don't think I'd have enough time :/
If you request a specific thing for a tutorial though then I'm much more likely to do it.
zviray's avatar
Solid work man!
Soul-Daemon's avatar
I just wish they would all stop rebooting old ideas, and actually make some original entertainment. I'm waiting on Pacific Rim.
capedcrussader628's avatar
Soul-Daemon's avatar
I can only guess that you are way too young to appreciate how a kaiju movie is meant to look.
capedcrussader628's avatar
no i'm not cause movies like pacific rim are like transformers and what you said about originality and reboots, pacific rim is basically not original at all.
Soul-Daemon's avatar
No it Really isn't gonna be like transformers. In any way. del toro is directing and it is gonna be the first kaiju movie made by an actual fan who grew up watching them in the 60's... I can understand how the trailer may confuse idiots like you tho. Basicly you are an ignorant fool. I pity you.
PencilsAndNougats's avatar
Smooth as usual, man, smooth as usual.
The-Dregs's avatar
Superman needs to be tilted back just a bit, and he is too close the edge of the poster, creating imbalance.
SuperDude001's avatar

(All great, but if I had to suggest one thing it's that at first glance I thought Cavill's face looked a bit Bizarro-y, howevee that was probably only me)
GiovaBellofatto's avatar
Great work! I really like it
hydrate3's avatar
Once again, you've made it to my Favs :P nice work buddy!
JohnTheRebelLeader's avatar
This is really creative! Excellent work! :D
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