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Dwight - Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Since seeing all of the casting news for A Dame To Kill For, I've been thoroughly anticipating it. I then remembered that there's not really anything stopping me from mocking up how the characters will probably look in the film. I thought it'd be best that I make it look like promotional material, to really get the feel for it.

So yeah, there's what I think Josh Brolin as Dwight will look like.

Criticise to your heart's content and as always, hope you like it!
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I love it! you're interpretation is really fitting to the Sin City style. Although I loved Clive Owen as Dwight I was surprised that they picked Josh Brolin for him. I have heard mixed reviews about the movie, but I hate it when people or critics give it a negative review just because they think that the sequel will have a new storyline, they seriously need to read the novels and then they will get the story. I haven't seen the movie yet but I am really looking forward to seeing his performance as Dwight. Amazing artwork! :) 
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Really cool picture.
Clive and Josh! Dwight is double cool.
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Looks completely real! Fantastic job as usual
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Thank you so much :D
Everyone's far too kind about my work.
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