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The Brain's Experience Of Extra Body Parts

What’s it like to have 6 fully-developed, fully-formed, individually-controllable fingers on each hand? Just the thought gives a lot of people a bad case of “polydactyly envy”. Is such an individual privileged to enjoy a unique bodily experience that is beyond the imaginings of the rest of us?

Here are some of my musings on this subject -- possibly a bit lengthy, a bit technical, yet with many important details omitted, going into some fundamental aspects of the structure of the human nervous system. But I think all this does lead us to the beginnings of an answer to the question.
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hello, where do I find the actual discussion of the mentioned topic?
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Click the Download link.
IIRC, someone was banned from a video game tournament for that and killing Inigo Montoya's father. (Sorry, but whenever six-fingered hands come up, that joke comes with)