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Skin-Walkers Information

Project is an original story in progress by
:iconcreatoremagico: :iconsodsta: :icondrazzi: :iconsheworlds:

The Skin-Walkers are a breed of humans who can transform, mutate into, or take on the shape of something else. There are some who can change into other animals, like bears, dogs or unidentified beasts; some who can transform into non-organic objects, like cars; and some who only have partial mutations.

The government are out to get them, organised crime has it's part to play, and in one of four cities, skin-walkers always find each other, for better or worse.

Further information about the skin-walkers verse, characters and story can be found at the skin-walkers wiki page. Or by contacting the project authors here via comment or note.

For the adult readers, please head over to the skin-walkers Y for fiction and art of an adult nature. :hump:

The skin-walkers project accepts and is so so happy to receive any fan art! Unfortunately, we don't accept fan fic at this stage but any art of the characters is welcome in the club. Thank you so much for viewing! We look forward to your art, comments and feedback! :glomp:

Gallery Folders

Odds by leopardcorgi
Portrait Commission - Mollie-sue by keh-arts
Listening to Roses by keh-arts
My little Skinwalkers by CreatoreMagico
Completed Art
Zeke n Bess by CreatoreMagico
E.L and Lock by CreatoreMagico
SW: Once a Year Deal by drazzi
Black Tie Chibi Heads by CreatoreMagico
E.L Headshot by CreatoreMagico
Mollie-Sue-Doo (lines vs Sketch) by drazzi
Comm: Rasmus by Weavrrcat
Comm: Odds by Weavrrcat
Commissions and Fanart
Portrait Commission - Mollie-sue by keh-arts
Swinger by Anoki-Doll
Coiled by HatterMadness
Love shoes by CreatoreMagico
Gentle smile by CreatoreMagico
Cake Pop by CreatoreMagico
Flower Fairy by CreatoreMagico








Hey everyone!

Just a quick update to say that we're hard at work on our story content so we can start posting in a more consistent fashion sometime early next year!

We've got loads -- and I mean loads -- already, and we're so eager to share what we have, so we'll continue to post snippets here and there in lead up to the main event.

This means: PLEASE DO continue to look forward to solid character profiles, backstory, art and miscellaneous stuffs!

And as usual, be forewarned for some rather wickedly dark themes.  Although Skin-Walkers is based in a world of mutation and superhuman abilities, at its heart lies an ensemble story about hitting rock bottom and bouncing back again.  

We'll be careful to warn for possible triggering material, but if exploration of the darkest of all human compulsions is your thing, then we very much hope you enjoy the show.  :)

- Skinwalkers Team
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