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Winamp ClassicPro version 1.02

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Published: April 13, 2008
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Cool Album Art Tab and Lyrics Built in!!

Must have newest winamp player [link]

What's new in this release?

Improved: Massive improvement with the component handling (I hope ;P)

New: Playlist Tab always visible now

New: Window Preset buttons (F9, F10, F11, F12... use Shift+F9, F10... to set them)

New: AlbumArt tab with reflection & ratings

New: Player tabs are now moveable+hideable (right-click them)

New: Multi actions for Winamp bolt (right-click)

New: Shademode playlist (rightclick the Songname for meny playlist)

New: Option for the dblclick titlebar (maximize or shade) See Options menu

New: Added Year id3 line to tagviewer (expect a better tagviewer soon

New: ClassicPro auto update!

Fixed: Ratings no start 1pixel of '6th' star
Fixed: Extra area can now be resized much bigger
Fixed: Minimum Mainframe position doesnt overlap tabs
Fixed: A few maximize bugs.
Fixed: Maximized window will stay maximized when you change the window scale
Fixed: Overlapping timer/title
Fixed: Shademode seeker bg still visible on stop
Fixed: Shademode ML playlist menu will popup under the button
Fixed: Drawer close when you goto shade mode
Fixed: Bundled the oscilliscope colors in cPro__Bento
Update: Window Frame slider update (wip... will be ready for wa5.54)

Update: Bundled cPro__Bento now have transparent shade down seeker & new animated vis
Update: Tabs will now only space them self when normal mode is visible (speed increase)

ClassicPro is a plugin for Winamp that allows you to use cPro skins in Winamp. You Must Have Winamp Installed Download- [link] cPro skins is basically pre-coded Modern skins. ClassicPro use a single-user-interface (SUI). The design is based on the Bento skin bundled with Winamp.

Features of ClassicPro skins:
- All the skins use the plugin, so when you update the plugin, all your skins will be updated too
- Widgets will be available for download soon.
- 3rd Party plug-ins will also open in a tab
- If the right side is closed, the playlist tab will appear and you can then have only the playlist open. Useful for the classic users that don’t use the Media Library.
- More features & improvements will be added over time, but all the skins will be backwards compatible
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VixenFinderStudent Digital Artist
This skin doesn't have the same color themes as the original Bento
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This is freaking awesome!
Definitely my favorite winamp skin. :w00t!:
El-ArGeNtO's avatar
nice, I Just notice this one. I'll try to make a skin when i've some spare time :)
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VerokaHobbyist Interface Designer
I used to define myself (talking about skinning) as a classic skin user and skinner. I never get used to modern skins, and still don't know how to make a modern one. But I should say that since I'm using cPro skin... wow! I love this kind of skins! Nowadays I'm making a new cPro skin and I enjoy making them.
Thanks for your work guys! It's superb.
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Please make more and show us!
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VerokaHobbyist Interface Designer
I'm working on this one: [link]
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OtisBeeHobbyist Interface Designer
i don't know if it's an issue with cPro, but i've noticed that the "year" tag in the tag viewer drawer isn't displayed correctly.
no matter which cPro skin i would use, a year (i.e. 2007) would always be drawn accross the actual "Year:" item.
makes it really hard to read and doesn't look cool either, if the tags don't show up in line.

do you think you can fix that?

other than that, i don't see any reason why i should ever switch back to non-cPro-skins.

amazing work!
keep it up!
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Forgot to test it with translations ;)
Will try to fix it when I get the time.

Will do a proper tagviewer sometime in the near future. The year tag was just added as a temp to help people who needs to see it.

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OtisBeeHobbyist Interface Designer
thx for your reply!
i'm looking forward to that update. :)
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WinampSkinners Interface Designer
A must have.
Good work! :)
NighthawksAtTheDiner's avatar
Great, auto update will be sweet.
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nubby-ninjaHobbyist Interface Designer
Nice. Definitely a favorite.
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