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The Revolution/Evolution in Winamp Has Begun!!

Now its Easy to Make Really Cool Modern Skins.
Enter Cpro Contest $150 for 1st $75 for 2nd [link]

ClassicPro is a plugin for Winamp that allows you to use cPro skins in Winamp. You Must Have Winamp Installed Download- [link] cPro skins is basically pre-coded Modern skins. ClassicPro use a single-user-interface (SUI). The design is based on the Bento skin bundled with Winamp.

Features of ClassicPro skins:
- All the skins use the plugin, so when you update the plugin, all your skins will be updated too
- Widgets will be available for download soon.
- 3rd Party plug-ins will also open in a tab
- If the right side is closed, the playlist tab will appear and you can then have only the playlist open. Useful for the classic users that don’t use the Media Library.
- More features & improvements will be added over time, but all the skins will be backwards compatible

Cpro Bento Skin Included in this download.
Check out the ClassicPro Manual - [link]
Check Out Skins that are made this Way - [link]
Check Out Widgets You can Now add to Winamp - [link]
Need Help Come Here We Are Friendly - [link]

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Can you make this skin for Foobar?