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Winamp Azenis 2

A Year in the Making!

The most useful If not the best Skin For Winamp EVER!

Azenis 2 for Winamp is Finally here!!

Pieter Nieuwoudt Has Coded literally 2000 hours of Extreme Coding into this Skin.

QuadHelix : Skin Graphics and Promo

Slob : Rotational Vis

So many New features , And So many Innovations!!
Stretch the skin to see what we mean.

Add Components and Take away what you dont want.
Your going to need the 5.36 version of winamp [link] to use this, but your current version will work.

Thanks to J.J. Ying For the Use of the Azenis 2 Theme
You should use this with Windowblinds and His Azentis 2 Theme [link]
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Ya No Esta El Archivo
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it really looks sweet..

glad I found this


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..........?? :bulletpink::heart::bulletpink: ??
I am having the same issue with the lyrics not working...even after updating from the "Upgrade to Lyrics Plugin version 0.4"
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The lyrics suddenly aren't working there a fix?
I don't believe so, unfortunately.
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WOW. Nice job!!!
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I've added this skin in an article called Over 50 of the best Winamp skins
Excellent skin! Love it. Thank you!
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wow this is great but i have a to conver a winamp skin in to a bsplayer skin?thanks
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cant download :(
it hangs on 33%
Thanks....great skin!!
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Very nice skin!! Excellent use of the 'Bento Box' design schema. I have been looking for a skin that made it easy to use the media library. Very sensable design. I love the way you can squish it back to look like its just the player!! :headbang:
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Amazing details, amazing quality !!! MUST HAVE 100% !!! Thanks you for what you've done
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Great job everyone! Very impressive, very solid skin. :)
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How the hell do you DL it? Where's the link to do so?
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the best skin I`ve ever seen - thx
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Absolutely amassing!!!! Reminds me of Amarok which I love... Using it for sure!
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Amazing mate ! :clap:
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