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Music Show version B

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Music Show version B has arrived.

Experience Winamp in a whole new way!

Open .zip and click on EXE file

You dont need cool plug-ins, this Skin has Cool NEW features built in!

New Album Art feature With reflection. (watch video) [link]

Playlist Plus+ Ipod like scrolling movement (video) [link]

Image Changer - 4 ways to make Millions of Backgrounds (video) [link]

1. Skins default background
2. Grab your desktop picture + Zoom feature
3. Grab special backgrounds made just for Music Show [link]
4. Or grab any picture and put it in there.

Skin Focus (video) [link]

Dedicated site just for Music Show [link]

Lots more features

Quadhelix - Main Design/Coder
Leechbite - Main Coder - Playlist Plus, Image Changer, Skin Focus.
Pjn123 , Slob - Coders Advanced AlbumArt
Martin Deimos - Coder Skin Updater , Visualizations

From All of us at Skin Consortium-- Have fun with this.

You need the latest Winamp 5.53 [link]
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Amazing work. However, the backgrounds link don't seem to work for me :-(

Thanks for sharing ^^
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could you put in lyrics like in the azenis skin ?
Would be gr8 ;)
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Disturbed, Great :)
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grusic Interface Designer
This skin is cool and all. However, the main window takes up way too much room on one's desktop to be practical.

If you guys trimmed it down to just the CD Art display, song info, and hidden or minimal controls/indicators it would be perfect for day to day usage.
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maybe you should update your screen resolution....

it fits perfectly with lot of room on teh outside on my 1280X1024px screen =D

and im on xp D=
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Can't use :( damn my comp restrictions, can't run executables.

Would be helpful if it was a .wal file.
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go to

to get the exe
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JikaruTakhiraStudent Interface Designer
if your using vista, right click the exe and select "Run as Administrator" if your using XP and your still restricted then i don't know what to do...
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heh he, got rid of that james blunt cover art xD!

Downloading now
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Well done..
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Thanks so much!
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tremendous work...:)
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we appreciate that!
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