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No NYCC for me this year, it seems, but I will be at youmacon & derpycon with cups, books, and prints.
Hey all, join me on patreon to see WIP and me talking about my process and other biz related to making comics in the US.

I won't be at youmacon this year but I'll be at Kotoricon in NJ early next year :D :D :D
I will also be at AnimeExpo and ConnectiCon in 2018.
I've also applied to Anime Boston Pro row and Katsucon but no news back yet.

My comic book The Herder Witch is on webtoon and taptastic:…

Join me on Patreon
I'll be at portconmaine this weekend and then at animeexpo at table B55 the following weekend!
You can find me on patreon now!

And other sites (listed in order that I visit them):

You can find my shops at:
for pottery:
for prints & more:

I'm also looking forward to being at Small Press Expo this year and am taking most of July and August off to produce all the comics including a full volume print of Morie the Witch (The Herder Witch online at Taptastic and Line Webtoon #herder_witch)

:D Have fun at BlerDCon, otakon and matsuricon without me y'all. Please have a good time! I will be in my office drawing MANY COMICS and mostly using twitter and instagram during that time.
2017 Katuscon sneak peek by skimlines
:) cup sneak peek! I've been preparing up since December 8D There's another 30 cups in greenware stage that will be completed after katsucon, so I hope to reopen my etsy shop!

I'm also working to get Morie the Witch serialized on a certain major online comic distributor :D Now if only chapter 5 could resolve all tis logical flaws.. I'm still working on the writing a couple hours each day o_o

Also, ☆ Happy Lunar New Years, 2017 ☆ I hadn't been able to celebrate with family for years now, and it was a nice change to be able to be near my relatives who recently migrated here, to celebrate as a family. I am an immigrant myself, so I missed out on a lot of family things as a kid, but it felt really nice to be able to try it out as an adult. Hope you all ate a ton, played lots of games, and then ate some more. Haha
Hey all, as always, you can see which conventions I'll be on my facebook page:

And also below:
 Kotoricon (NJ) - this weekend!!!
Katsucon (MD)
Genericon (NY)
Anime matsuri (TX)
Toracon (NY)
anime central (IL)
AnimeExpo      (CA)
Liberty City Anime Convention (NY)

I did apply to these conventions but they have declined:
anime boston
8D Seeing a movie tonight! Also I've been playing Last Guardian... best!
It's fascinating…
health permitting, see you at j1-con and AWA.

I wrote a way longer journal about how I'll also be part of NYCC's artist alley for the first time this year with my comic book series *Morie the Witch* BUT DEVIANTART YOU ATE IT D:
I'll be at Otakon's artist alley this weekend at table c-01 :)
otakon 2016 map by skimlines
I'll be at Connecticon next weekend! Also I will be at AX in 2017 after a fantastic experience thsi year!
If so, do you like it? How often do you read from it? Are you an avid reader?

Also, do you read comic books on it?
Hey everyone! I'll be at Anime Matsuri this weekend and at Genericon the following weekend!
Have a question about the artist alley? by skimlines
For Anime Matsuri I'm at table T119, and it's my first time attending!
And for Genericon, I'm super excited that they'll be moving to the gymnasium this year. This will be my second year in attendance 8D

See you all there, please come touch a cup, stare at a print, and pick up my comic book series 8D
Morie the Witch issues 1, 2, and 3 by skimlines
PS, I know I promised issue 4 by this weekend on various social media, but the planning and development of the plotline for issue 4 took a LOT MORE time than I had planned. I'm currently drawing the pages, but I won't be able to release it until early or middle of March. Thanks everyone for being SUPER EXCITED for the next issue :D…
Come and find me at Vassar College main building this weekend 8D
I'm there with prints, pottery, and the first 3 issues of my comic book!

Before I sink myself back into fallout4

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 30, 2015, 1:54 PM

Hello hello everyone, hope you guys are almost ready for winter!

Since the start of this month, I've been at home, mostly organizing at home (it's been a while since I've gave the office a good clean) and then since last week, mostly playing fallout 4. If you're any bit familiar with this game you'll know that people have gone missing into this game for days maybe weeks. Initially I wasn't all that keen about this game (another gross fps!) but as soon as I found there's a build mode for this game... :3 I am already gone.

Before Fallout 4 though, I was starting to build the foundations for Morie the Witch issue 4. My writing process follows a pattern where first I arbitrarily decide where the story is starting and ending (scope), and then I spend a while asking myself what is the most important detail or event in the story. As the roles of the characters become more defined, the scope of the story also changes to bring out the most important event in the best way. Right before fallout 4, I had just started to define the roles of the character and had started to shift the scope (=starting the story over and over with shifting endings in mind) but I hadn't quite determined what is the most important yet, somewhat because one of the characters isn't totally defined yet...

So there is some activity happening on the drawing side -- lots of invisible mental work!

It's nice to be able to enjoy this downtime, and while I do tend to slack on things when there's no deadline, I hope to make the most out of my downtime before next year.

Speaking of next year!
Here are some of the conventions I'll be at in 2016. I'm really surprised and excited for how new and different next year will be, between promising myself more in-between time to really put hot time into producing Morie (which is why I've been limiting myself to one convention per month) and promising myself to make the most out of my time away from home.

Sacanime in Sacramento CA

Anime Matsuri in Houston TX

Sakuracon in Seattle WA

Zenkaikon in Lancaster PA
Castlepoint Anime Convention (CPAC) in Hoboken NJ

Connecticon in Hartford, CT

And as always, I have a store online in case you can't catch me at a convention, especially for Morie the Witch :D
and a place for my pottery work only:

skim, you're not gonna be at katsu or anime boston?
There's been a lot of people applying to those so I didn't get into either due to overcrowding
0u0 I personally can't do anything about that. Write to your favorite conventions to voice your concerns.

Hello everyone, It's been 1 year and 1 month since I've released the first issue of Morie the Witch, and the story is now three issues deep!
Morie the Witch issues 1, 2, and 3 by skimlines
It didn't really hit me how much I had been working on this story, or what I might think when I reach this stage - 72 pages deep into the story (the most I've worked on a single story since giving up on my first story, which was over 200 pages long, but it was my first story so it had a lot of problems hehehehehe). I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to really look back and see what it is I'm doing, and where I think it will lead to.

All three issues, on the table! by skimlines
It was surreal to see all three books sitting on my table together, side by side at Youmacon!
They're on sale here:

I started this book because I wanted to see something produced in America to be celebrated by American fans. In the US, people are very interested and excited for overseas titles but there isn't very many homegrown titles that are grown from comics to TV. I also want to see more girls writing to inspire other girls to write -- that kind of girls culture that exists in Korea and Japan but doesn't have any equivalent in the US. I wondered if the US was ready for this.

So I thought about what kinds of comics I'd want to see in the US, and what kinds of ideas would appeal to the US audience, and this series became the test that I would use to check my theories about the state of readiness for girls comics and girls culture in the US.

Throughout my own high school and college experience, I've repeatedly encountered resistance to the idea of homegrown comics, because people think it is too hard or too much work, or people would fixate on cliches or stereotypes that seem to make Japanese franchises popular. But I think despite the shortage of manpower or technique, there is a special kind of comics that can be produced in the US that isn't possible overseas.

That, and after traveling to so many conventions in the past two years, I felt the US crowd deserves to have something they can call their own, something that incorporates who they are as the main point, rather than their participation in a fandom being merely a microscopic curiosity happening far away overseas. I think the US has a fan culture for cartoons and comics that is in fact distinct and valuable in of itself.

I hadn't thought about how all these thoughts could eventually carry through and translate into a story, but two years into attending conventions on basically a bi-weekly basis, after much consideration of audience and what is lacking in this country, although I'm not working at the speed that I hoped, I think I'm starting to address the culture of the US.

It's fascinating to be creating content for a US audience. I really thought this was impossible. I had given up on comics years ago, because it seemed to me that people preferred content from overseas (which is not designed for them) the most.

To see that people are interested in my story is kind of unbelievable but I'm also glad it's happening, because it's evidence to me that maybe the US are in fact ready for homegrown comics. It's a strange vindication, because I thought I was wrong, but I was right, and it is actually ok for me to be drawing comics. Comics, for the people I know now, instead of comics for the people I used to know in a country I left decades ago.
I will be part of Youmacon Artist Alley this weekend! This is my last convention for this year *_*

I'm bringing cups and bowls:
Youmacon cups and bowls by skimlines

Morie the Witch issue 3!! It was just finished last Tuesday 8D
Morie the Witch issue 3 by skimlines

And lots of drawings!
Have a question about the artist alley? by skimlines

See you in Detroit for Youmacon!
Hi everyone~ I'm going to be at NYCC this weekend at booth 1883 with GOODY STUFF ♡
Because nothing is changed from last year, so map recycle...
New York Comic Con Vendor 1883 by skimlinesMorie the Witch issue 1 by skimlinesMorie the Witch Issue 2 by skimlines
:3 I'll be there with issues 1 and 2 of Morie the Witch. ^^; issue 3 is in progress.... I just need to sell a few more books to have issue 3 fully funded so please come by or send a friend to pick up one or both copies :D You can also order here:

Another last year photo XD But this year I will only be half of the table below:
New York Comic Con Vendor 1883 photo! by skimlines

:D See you all there!
AWA table 1026 by skimlines
I've never been to AWA but LET'S HAVE A GREAT TIME ♡ table 1026 where I'm going next, marking the end of a 4 week streak of OMGGGGG0_0

My jams right now is like:

Shout out to all the peeps from Otakon, Boston Comic Con, and Bronycon! See y'all at Matsuricon this weekend!!
Hey all! I'm going to be at Boston Comic Con this weekend at E-1005!
Boston Comic Con E1005 by skimlines

o_o;; otakon did a number on my pottery stock so I won't be bringing a ton of pottery, but I WILL be bringing my drawings :D and my comic book!
We're Never Alone by skimlinesThe one that got away by skimlinesHestia and Bell and the Hestia Blade by skimlinesKamala Khan by skimlines
Have a question about the artist alley? by skimlines