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Prinn Emotions 15

Fifteen emotions. Progress Video: [link] (Video may be a little disorganized)

Other related drawings!

You can use her as an actor in a Visual Novelty game: [link]
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[link] working on a web visual novel script atm, just started and was using your character as a test run. I like how the extra expressions are all on one image. Just wondering if it's cool that i use her for a test run.
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I'm am currently using her for the NaNoRenO project :)
I even switched to novelty just so I can use her.
She is just. So. Gorgeous.
But afterwards, I will change sprites to my own original art, since it would be odd to call her my original character when she obviously is not.
Thank you so much for sharing!
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How did you get these to work? I mean is there a guide to detting these in a file to use in novelty?
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I've been thinking about making a video demo of some sort about that, since I've been asked it 4 or 5 times now. Perhaps tomorrow...

Until then, here is an already cut out and set novelty actor file: [link]
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I really want to use this set but the art style ahuhuhuhuh
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... what's wrong with it?
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It's very unique so you can't exactly copy ;v; And the other sets don't fit since she's in a fantasy outfit unless it's a novel about a medieval girl in modern world etc.

I didn't mean the art style is bad! *communication problems*
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oh yeah, she is a bit more high-end compared to the other sprites.
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it's awesome D8
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what?! no blushing deredere face?
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