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History of BattleTech

By skiltao
How the in-game history, real world history, and product lines all line up.

Mostly aimed at helping lapsed/returned players get their bearings, but it should also be useful to new fans or bystanders. A few caveats:

- I'm not providing a key.
-"Tech" is not to scale.
- Years are exact, months are not.
- Most book and box covers are level with their date of hardcopy publication.
- Not all products or expansions are shown.
- Images and keywords copyright their respective owners.
- Last updated November 21, 2011.

The image is 850kb, so not for the faint of bandwidth. (If I'd had a font that looked legible and good at both 6pt and 30pt, I might've made it smaller.) With good eyes and a big monitor you can view most of the image at 50% zoom, but I find it kinda mesmerizing to scroll around at 100%.

EDIT: a higher resolution is now available here. [link]
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blckclbrtn's avatar
This is really great!

I appreciate that you specifically mention that you're not providing a key, but... what do the colors mean? It looks like maybe the yellow represents Clans and green the Inner Sphere - but I can't figure out what the shapes covering the products mean, nor what the number of vertical bars mean. Just curious.
MRex21's avatar
Absolutely brilliant!
Centurion13's avatar
I think you should make it available in poster size. Yes, that means jacking the file size up to three megs or more, but if you think files under a meg in size are a burden to download, think again. Most folks (not all) have the bandwidth. I know it took under four seconds for me to download your 'hi rez' version.

I want a poster of this. I never thought I would say that about anything on dA but the nekkid wimmen, but there it is - I will pony up for a wall poster measuring two feet by three feet or larger.

Excellent work, Paul. Simply outstanding, and needful as well. Kudos.
SideLine's avatar
WOW ! this looks amazing. will have to go through it in detail. some dedicated research. :thumbsup:
THANKS! It's mostly a lot of little notes I picked up over the years, a month or two of lazily pecking away, shored up with maybe a week of furious googling.

...and a last minute correction to my spelling of "Japan."