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Mystic-queen Vs The-bone-army

The Mystic Queen, Lady Bianca, is battling the Bone Army. The Bone King and his army invaded her kingdom, now these bone heads are going to pay. This is the updated version. Render/Stocks credits: Magical and mystical 4, Model: Bianca Caito, by Mjranum stock (Marcus J. Ranum). Ocean meets the sky background stock 0627 cc13, by Annamae22. City of Salzburg, by Burtn. Skeleton 1, 04, 12, 35, 37, by Wolverine041269. I used colorify on the images. Cement collapse, by Ashrafcrew. I used Dried mud texture on the cement collapse. HQ png floating island, by E Dina Photo Art. Column styles, by Art Reference Source. Crown of England, by Lolotte 10. Misc firey electrical element png, Misc fire element, by Dbszabo1. I used ui texture on the fire. I used colorize on the firey image. Natural swimming pool png, by Jean52. Render Ki ssj blue ssgss, by Jared Son Gohan. I used the ui texture and alien glow on the aura. Ultra instinct aura brush 2018, UI aura brush photo shop, by Rmehedi. Fantasy skulls 3,and 4, by Roy3d. I used colorify on the images. Note: Wolverine041269's account has been deactivated so I can't link his images anymore. Alien glow, wall rock texture, gradient flare 102, 102 red, 102 purple, 101 blue, bright star, done in Gimp.

Source links:
Fantasy Skulls 3 
Fantasy Skulls 4 
City Of Salzburg 
Crown of England 
Texture water PNG 
Stock: Column Styles  
HQ PNG Floating island 
Magical and Mystical - 4 
UI Aura Brush Photoshop 
Render Kii Ssj Blue (SSGSS) 
Natural swimming pool PNG 
Ultra Instinct Aura Brush 2018 
Cement Collapse With Textures……  
Ocean Meets the Sky Background Stock 0627 cc13 
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