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The Land of Always Winter by ReneAigner
Sweeping Wings by ReneAigner
Auria Crow by DavidHakobian
Jekyll and hyde_The frog by MimiLeChampi
40 by S-Lebedev
A Mermaids Dream by d3fect
Study sketch of a toad by Adata22
39 by S-Lebedev
Your tutorials here
Tutorial: How to draw fur by agree-to-dissagree
Tutorial: black paper by agree-to-dissagree
How to draw iridescence by agree-to-dissagree
Tutorial: realistic drawing with colour pencils by agree-to-dissagree
fanArt: Purple Boy by melia99
Land of Sand by Alexvanderlinde
[Video] Anya by sayuryi
Study other type of people by imNoar
Morpheus by RedRequiem0
The Stormtrooper awakens by Spydi-mel
Sketch by AlonsoCalder42
Fingolfin and Finarfin by AlonsoCalder42
Eyes by AlonsoCalder42
Yellow rose in watercolour by DragoNano
Photorealistic Color
Dark One vs Light One by Duh-Smeha
Rumpelstiltskin by Duh-Smeha
Wonder Woman by LuiLei
Auria Crow by DavidHakobian
Dev4 18 by RPARABERE
Inktober 2018 16 Angular by LePescado
Iluminati by NoMakeZombiePL
Hangman by NoMakeZombiePL
WIPs and Unfinished
Leonardo DiCaprio - WIP5 by vitorjffg
iron men by subhy
Wip Injustice Joker by Spydi-mel
Edward Kenway WIP1 by Spydi-mel
BARFEL by Prihlop
Illidan vs Zeratul by Callergi
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Reborn by JohnnyClark
Tomb Raider reborn contest by JohnnyClark
WIP step by step
Painting Process - 'At the Quay' by ReneAigner
Study artworks
Hair Study by Synthesis-Ami


Concept tutorial no.1 by AndreeWallin Concept tutorial no.1 :iconandreewallin:AndreeWallin 2,091 140 Book WIP and poll by Artsammich Book WIP and poll :iconartsammich:Artsammich 585 251 Mandi's Speedpaint Tutorial by Majoh Mandi's Speedpaint Tutorial :iconmajoh:Majoh 943 109 Face planes reference by artofpros Face planes reference :iconartofpros:artofpros 306 15 Eye Angle Library by Tentopet Eye Angle Library :icontentopet:Tentopet 7,730 430 Photoshop Painting Tutorial by ionen Photoshop Painting Tutorial :iconionen:ionen 8,157 447 Photoshop - Painting an Eye by sirasan Photoshop - Painting an Eye :iconsirasan:sirasan 1,271 63 Photoshop - Painting Hair by sirasan Photoshop - Painting Hair :iconsirasan:sirasan 2,769 240 Photoshop - Painting a face by sirasan Photoshop - Painting a face :iconsirasan:sirasan 3,396 332


Skill Up Group-Rules
:bulletblue: This group is for those who like to study constantly, to enhance their drawing and rendering level.

It is also for those who are open to critique and those who can give decent critique and advices to beginners and anyone who asks.

:bulletblue: Anyone can become a member, just click "Join" icon
For contributors we are accepting people who want to provide feedback to members, with at least basic skills (you must be familiar with such terms as composition, perspective, masses, rhythms, dynamics, lighting, etc.)

For co-founders we are accepting people who want to participate in group life very actively, any skill, but really devoted to group and it's thematics.

:bulletblue: Anyone can submit here art of ANY skill.
Just click '+' on a suitable folder for your type of artwork, and submit your art-piece.

:bulletblue: Please be thoughtful of your submissions. If you submit too many similar pictures in a short period of time, you will receive a critique for very few of them. Ideally, choose works you would really like input on so that it can be provided - and be something meaningful and helpful. Less is more.

But remember one important thing:
:bulletred: By submitting your art here you apply to an agreement that you requested a critique of your artwork, open-minded to any advice and ready to accept it wisely, not be offended by any sort of constructive review as well as just ignoring non-constructive replies (if such cases ever appear) without making a brawl.

:bulletblue: Group Favourites are only for tutorials.

:bulletyellow: Check following group to see best art pieces on DA:


Added several special folders for study and tutorials, since members sent such works and placed them in general folders.

There is not much activity lately, is anyone interested in making the group active again and how do you think it can be done?

Do you publish your artworks here regularly and do you want critics for them or, maybe, you want to give a critique?

Your thoughts and suggestions in the comments, please.
Hello everyone,

I recently had some commentary in regards to the lack of "critiques" and such being offered here. Honestly, all I can say, is that is you get what you give. We have a vast variety of styles and skill levels here, and no doubt there are some of us without the confidence to offer our opinions to others (and that's OK), but there are members here who can.

Even if you can only comment/critique on 1 persons piece a month, that's one step closer for the group to grow. Obviously, not all of us are comfortable to offer our opinions because of the variety of styles & skill levels, and in an ideal world, a good critique should be both helpful and motivational.

If we help each other a little (only if we feel comfortable doing so - there are some styles/skill levels here I am not comfortable commenting on, because I cannot offer anything insightful) the group will improve, but we won't go anywhere if everyone stays silent, waiting for their own artwork to be critiqued.

Certainly, we have no desires to see a big influx on badly written critiques by those who are uncomfortable with the notion, but if you can help, please do!

Keep up the great work everyone, and keep growing as artists!

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sai-yamasaki Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for accepting my drawing ,) [link]
Mr-Springserpent Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012   General Artist
SeanMann Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011
New poll "To Scan or To Photograph - How do you get your art into deviantArt"

Comment and vote on my profile here
mrkillzo Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
opps... ^^;

i sumited to sketches...thats no sketch! :faint:

sorry sorry sorry. ><
RosaCosplay Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2011
What a great group I have found!
It's all about developing and open learning!
DavidHakobian Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for featuring my artwork! I just saw it... it was a very pleasant surprise. :)
GuyInABlindfold Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To any who could help, I am not sure under which category this should be submitted. [link]
artofpros Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
'color' is suitable folder for this artwork.
ChalmersArtwork Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Note To All Those Submitting:

Over the last 2 weeks there have been several of you that are submitting around 5-8 Pictures, often all at once. This is crazy!
This is called Over-Saturation. Basicly if you submit a lot of works at once or in a short Space of time, then you going to be less likely to be viewed or critiqued.

My personal policy from now on as a contributor is I will be critiquing ONE Piece from One Person Per Week.
For me, there is no point pointing otu the same mistakes over and over again in each of the 5 pictures u submit.
I would suggest to submit your latest, get some critique and tips, apply them to your next work and then submit the new piece to see if youve then improved.

Keep Drawing, Love to all :love:
artofpros Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
I set limit: one artwork per week for submissions.
So we can trace recent artworks from different members, instead of many from one.
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