Help me to choose: What kind of artwork should I do? Comments welcome!
68 votes
Pixel-art: We miss it a lot!
Collaborations: Teaming up with other artists is cool!
Pure lineart: You need to practise it more!
Traditional media: Shut down your computer!
Digital art 100% done by you: The more the better!
Curr: We love that little blue rascal!
Photo-manipulations: Get a model and improve reality!
Photographs: Grab your cam and show us your world!
None: Your art is so shitty, you should retire!
You better take commissions, I want to hire you!

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By skifi
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Where's the All of the Above tab :P Anything skifi drawn is win.
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Hahaha, you're flattering me :blush:
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Would just like to see anything you do, you do some pretty damn good and amazing art.
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Who did say I'm not working on it? ;) But not for dA, hahaha xD;;;
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww x3
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Since you don't have the option available, I'm going to say whatever makes YOU happiest!

But from the options you DO have up there, I will always pick traditional mediums. Always great to know how to use traditional mediums, and get back to the basics!
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That's sweet from you :aww:

I still have my prismacolors somewhere, I could try to recover them, Mmmmmm :confused:
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All of the above!
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Lol, that will take a lot of time xD;;
IsaidRAWR's avatar
I am okay with this. =p
Just do one at a time. XD
Or even better - do which ever you WANT to. =3
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Collaborations sound good,not done one myself yet.Digital
and tradition too,any of the above really.(Excluding "None" of course!;P)
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Haha, I will take that as a good thing xD;;;
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