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By skifi

...Hey, you don't need to be staff to do this!! :icongrin--plz: While I finish a few things to upload to my gallery, I have been taking a look around, updating my devwatch list, deleting old artworks, and realizing why I loved this place so much :heart: And I felt like sharing some of the wonderful pieces I have found with you all. I hope you enjoy them!

Lando The Chipmunk

Balto: Reach for the Finish Line

One Sleepless Night

Sound of the Forest

Kahza-Nirovsk Work Hard Play Hard

Black versus White

Black versus White by J-C
by J-C

Rose Garden

Generations of the Lost

A Shared Perch

Foxy Akali

Hit it DJ - Enter Sussoloc

Heading South

Foreign manners

© 2013 - 2021 skifi
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Drojan's avatar
Volviendo a la carga poco a poco >: 3
skifi's avatar
Uh, pero más lentamente de lo que me esperaba, cómo se nota que el tiempo libre es un bien escaso xD
PixlPhantasy's avatar
Wonderful feature! :la:
skifi's avatar
I try my best ^^ It's far from being a good promotion, but it helps to spread the talent! ;D
alphaleo14's avatar
ho ho it was aleays an honor feature by you sir.
skifi's avatar
My pleassure, master :worship: Lol, you have no idea how you have inspired me to improve my own skills!!!
Enchantress-LeLe's avatar
AHH!! I have been featured by the amazing Skifi!!!! :woohoo:
It is an honor, thank you Skifi!!! <3
skifi's avatar
Your art is just awesome, how could I not? :hug: :heart:
acerix's avatar
Needs more skifi!
skifi's avatar
My art is still not worth the features, not yet! XD Lol
Ikuni's avatar
awww Im not a part! how dare you my gallery is full of amazing arts D:
uhh wait that wasnt my gallery hahahaha xD
skifi's avatar
I took a look there and all your art was vanished but the pillow.... :wow: What did happen???
Ikuni's avatar
oh noes I didnt noticed D: what just happend *gasp*
skifi's avatar
Hey, you x3;;
Ikuni's avatar
nuuu its magiccc x3
or you ate them ahhhh!
awww seriously...if DA would be handle any better...^^;
skifi's avatar
I know ^^;;; Still, I know where to find you in the other galleries, so yeah! :w00t:
Ikuni's avatar
good now you just have to be there as well xD
skifi's avatar
Take me (there) x)
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Cab-Rod's avatar
Gracias por las imagenes, son increibles!
skifi's avatar
Siempre a su servicio :bow: hehehe
Kassanovas's avatar
Been waiting to see how ~alphaleo14's picture would look,didn't realise it
was done.1500 deviations in my inbox,i guess it got buried in there.
So much great anthro work to see.
skifi's avatar
It's amazing, as all his art always is, hehe... :D

I also had a lot of pending artwork to check, to have been away for so long was a pity! o_O;;
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