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Featured Anthro Art #Sub001

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 17, 2013, 5:47 PM

...Hey, you don't need to be staff to do this!! :icongrin--plz: While I finish a few things to upload to my gallery, I have been taking a look around, updating my devwatch list, deleting old artworks, and realizing why I loved this place so much :heart: And I felt like sharing some of the wonderful pieces I have found with you all. I hope you enjoy them!

Lando The Chipmunk

Balto: Reach for the Finish Line

One Sleepless Night

Sound of the Forest

Kahza-Nirovsk Work Hard Play Hard

Black versus White

Black versus White by J-C
by J-C

Rose Garden

Generations of the Lost

A Shared Perch

Foxy Akali

Hit it DJ - Enter Sussoloc

Heading South

Foreign manners

The Walking Bull

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 17, 2013, 12:02 PM

Walk like an undead anthro...

:star: Last years have been really complicated Not only unable to draw or create new art, but to even get online and check these pages. Many things changed, and I needed to focus on them... So I just seemed to vanish.

But I want things to change and come back to normal ... or, at least, try my best to do it. First step has been to get my skifi dot net page back to life. Hosting issues and nightmarely complicated bureaucracy shut it down a year ago, and now, after moving it to a spanish server, it's working again. I need to build it again from the bare bones, but, still, it's a first step...

Also, I'm back to digital art. Not full time, but whenever I have the chance to. First pictures are delayed works I had in my hard drive, lost and forgotten. After getting used to it, and recover my crappy skills, I may also upload some here...

... If anybody stills check my page... . I mean, out of business for so long, I'd be surprised if I still have at least one watcher, hahaha. Lol. Well, better that way, I won't feel so ashamed for my lost skills...

Bye! ... or... welcome back me!

Back to work

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 29, 2011, 4:07 PM

First mission

:star: So, to my surprise, I have been commissioned to design a mascot It's supposed to be for a Volunteer Emergency Team, and I'm still trying to get a good idea. First I thought about a brave anthro ambulance, then I got the image of a rescue dog, snowy mountains style.... So many possibilities, I'm still pondering them.

Suggestions and bright fresh ideas are welcome

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Sneaking over the fence

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 4:52 PM

Do you know what?

:star: Is good to be alive

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Still not in the USA, but....

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 7, 2009, 6:43 AM

Awesome numbers!

:star: But it already happened in Spain Around noon, it will be:

12:34:56 7/8/9

(keep in mind we set the date in the day/month/year format)



:star: Did you realize it? I mean, that awesome stamp on top of this journal

Katmomma Stamp by Thiefoworld Savagebinn Stamp by Thiefoworld

skifi stamp by Elysium-Arts :thumb68369653: skifi stamp by Thiefoworld
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Search for your goal

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 26, 2009, 6:40 PM

Napkit's Amazing Art!

:star: Shameless promotion time!!! Some months ago, I commissioned Napkit, an awesome and talented mexican artist, to use his skills with two of my characters, skifi and Curr, and here is the result, a really amazing piece called "Search for your goal":

:star: I don't usually pimp deviations featuring me, or pictures I have ordered, but this one got me speechless, and I not only wanted to share it with you, but to give you all the chance to discover this fantastic artist, if you still didn't.

:star: :iconnapkit: Napkit has shared his art with us in DeviantArt for.... 4 years so far, and maybe didn't get the recognition he deserved yet. Just to tempt you all a bit more, here are three of his pieces I specially like. Enjoy!!!.

Katmomma Stamp by Thiefoworld Savagebinn Stamp by Thiefoworld

skifi stamp by Elysium-Arts :thumb68369653: skifi stamp by Thiefoworld
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Team Anthro

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 22, 2009, 5:46 PM


A new module on my page

:star: Brand new in the right side! Fortunately for this community, through the efforts of cooley, Anthro has established a team of hard working individuals that dedicate their time to making our community projects run like well oiled machines.  Team Anthro is comprised of your Gallery Moderators, Senoir Staff, Community Leaders, and Current Staff.

:star: To make it easier if you want to locate us, I have set a permanent module on the right side of my journal pages... Besides, here you have the whole list of team members... Enjoy!!!

:iconsavagebinn: :iconquelfabulous:  :iconskifi:  :iconcooley:  :iconneokeia: :iconpixel-spotlight: :iconkellisanth: :iconinvisibledecoy: :iconbawky: :iconhrontore::icongradendine:  :iconlost-angle: :iconplanksandsticks: :iconsilverfang-steelwolf: :iconsargeantsweety: :iconlost-angle::iconffredxiii: :iconthe-max-factor: :iconju-li3n: :iconportheiusj:  :iconmadisontuff: :iconplainyellowfox: :iconthumpity: :iconarionic: :iconvenusinthefurs: :iconkrhainos: :iconodinwolf: :iconfrostypuppy:  :iconpurpelblur: :icondragon2007:

:star: Yep, step by step I'm updating my stuff... Lol

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Why so serious?

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 20, 2009, 5:04 PM

Hey, hey, hey! =3

:star: How is everything going? Did you keep the place safe while I was away? xD I wonder if I was missed somehow... but I hope you all enjoyed your skifi-less days, because I'm back and they have ended!!! Bwahahahahaha x3

:star: Right now my internet connection is awesomely fast, like.... 3 Kbps. It's taking like... ages to even update this journal, but... just to let you know I'm alive, taking my seat again, and no, Pixel didn't eat me neither buried my bones under her bed (even if she tried!) x)

:star:I just need to find some WiFi HotSpot to take a look at all those pending unanswered notes! o___O;;; OMG!!!

*steps back and hides in the darkness*

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Earth Hour

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 28, 2009, 8:58 AM

Flick the Switch Tonight!

:star: Show you care I bet you have already read about this, not only in many journals here in deviantART but also in your local newspapers, TV, and... because friends told you so: The movement started 2 years ago in Sydney, Australia, with over 2 million homes turning off their lights for an hour. Just last year the movement spread global with over 50 million people joining in the cause, including global landmarks that stood in natural darkness.

:star: Today, March 28, 2009 at 8:30pm (wherever you live on planet earth) - turn off your lights. Turn off the computers, walk away from deviantART, internet, your cell phone... and join the collective to make an impact and a very strong statement, that we care about the world around us.

:star: For 60 minutes of your time, this isn't a lot to ask. I ask you to visit and sign up. Join us and make a commitment to flick the switch today. For just one hour.. and show your support to this great planet that is a home for us all.

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The hunt for the right software

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 22, 2009, 12:46 PM

skeef strikes back

:star: Step by step! First of all, I have needed to install a lot of software in my new iMac to make it useful: Of course the included programs are really nice, but I was used to work with a lot of applications more, and I had them all in PC versions, not Mac.... so none of those work...


:star: So, the last days, I have been downloading them (freeware/trials) or even buying them (yeah, believe me). It's almost done, BUT there is a program I still need to find, and I'm a bit hopeless about it.... Because, since I learnt (myself) digital coloring, and since the very first day, I have been using the same program: Paint Shop Pro (first by Jasc Software, then by Corel)... and they only released it for Windows....


:star: So, it's time to change It seems I will finally move to Adobe Photoshop, like everybody else... It shouldn't be so hard, but it will mean... a new beginning for me too x3;;; Wish me luck, this is not going to be easy, and the next uploaded pictures will look crappier than usual, beware! XD

Promotion time!

:star: Pimping 2 awesome artists! To start with, kittiara has opened Icons and Full Color ArtRage comissions, because she needs to save some $$$ for her very first fursuit ever. In case you don't know her, I must say she has been featured with Daily Deviations (got more than me, lol), and has been awarded with many other features in the past. Here you have some of her works, to lure you to click on the link to check how awesome (and cheap) her commissions are :heart:

:star: And also, :iconcarnival: carnival has delayed the deadline, so last call on t-shirt orders will last until this week, March 25th or so! For prizing details and how to order, click in the next link

:star: Aaaand... that's all for now Enjoy!

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Featured Anthro Art #24

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 21, 2009, 2:33 PM

...Again!? But of course!! :icongrin--plz:

Ponwan's Garden

Dmitri Sandelston

Dmitri Sandelston by Magolobo
by Magolobo
suggested by inuzaka



Kitsune by kitttykat
by kitttykat
suggested by JMoona

Not Quite World Cup: Kaiya

teh aiden 8D

by Meltina

Pinned ya

by Shivita
suggested by StitchxShadows

Commission - TELZA


by bawky
suggested by savagebinn

COMIC - RDO no 6


Operation Alpha Centauri

Operation Alpha Centauri by Temiree
by Temiree
suggested by inuzaka


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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 8, 2009, 2:16 PM


Back with an iMac

:star: Wow, a month offline? Time surely flies!!! As you may (or may not) know, the same week I resigned as a Gallery Moderator, my last working computer died (pretty good timing, isn't it?) And since I had no money (neither time) to get a new one.... I have been kinda away...

(just in case you noticed the absence, I mean) :heart:

:star: But today, I unpacked a new iMac Quite a good (and hard) deal since I have always owned a PC computer, even when I planned otherwise. I'm getting used to the new OS, and the shorcuts, and everything. But wanted to let you know the single little fact...

I'm back, full batteries and more enthusiastic than never before So, beware!!!

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:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Werewolves: Anthro or Not Anthro?

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
(Dedicated to all the anthro artists giving us their feedback)

:star: Because, you know... :iconoo-plz: It has always been a bit confusing how to sort the werewolves in the deviantART Gallery System: Some artists label them as anthropomorphic creatures and upload them in the Anthro Gallery, some others label them as fantastic creatures, then upload them in DigitalArt / Traditional Art > Fantasy. To try to clear this issue a bit, let's review the situation:

Werewolf Calender 2009 - July by Novawuff

Mature Content

Werewolves of London by kenket
Werewolves by Yellow-eyes

Werewolves & Anthropomorphic: Definitions:

  1. ...from Wikipedia:

    Werewolves, also known as lycanthropes, are mythological or folkloric humans with the ability to shapeshift into wolves or wolf-like creatures, either purposely, being bitten by another werewolf or after being placed under a curse.

    Anthro: a synonym for anthropomorphism in the furry fandom.

    Anthropomorphism is the attribution of uniquely human characteristics and qualities to nonhuman beings, inanimate objects, or natural or supernatural phenomena (...)
    Anthro Art and may be any fictional work that employs the concept of animal characters with human characteristics. For this reason, any work, in any medium, may be considered part of the anthropomorphic genre simply by inclusion of a fantastic animal character, although such characters are most often seen in comics, cartoons, animated films, allegorical novels, and video games. The science fiction and fantasy genres make frequent use of anthropomorphism, and as a result, are especially popular in furry fandom. Since the 1980s, the term furries has come to refer to anthropomorphic animal characters.
  2. ...from WikiFur:

    Anthropomorphic is a word meaning "like a human." It is used to describe a well-known concept called anthropomorphism: ascribing human characteristics to a non-human being or object. (...) the word can apply to any non-human thing, including animals, plants, and inanimate objects.

    Since the 1980s, the furry fandom has used the word to refer primarily to bipedal animals. Anthropomorphic animals are sometimes called anthro or morphic for short, and art featuring furry characters is sometimes called anthro art. This is somewhat ironic, as anthro ultimately derives from the Greek anthropos, a word that means "human being."

Werewolf Calendar - March by Novawuff werewolf driver by missmonster

Mature Content

Interrupted by Goldenwolf

The discussion:

:star: Werewolves have always been a grey area (Grey Area is a term for a border in-between two or more things that is ambiguously defined, a border that is hard to define or even impossible to define, or a definition where the distinction border tends to move). If, all in all, an Anthro Creature is (as it is in this case), an animal with human features, a werewolf would be just the opposite; A human with animal features (since it's an human cursed, getting animal abilities and skills). So that's why I never thought they were "properly" anthro art, but Fantastic Creatures (even mythological). However, I must recognize a picture featuring a werewolf is, for sure, looking just like an anthro wolf, so, that's the difficulty.

:star: deviantART is a placed created by artists for artists :iconblush--plz: We have always thought rules should be flexible, and the Community Relations team encourage the artists themselves, if not the whole community, to take part in these decisions and help us to sort these issues. That's why a couple of months ago I set a journal entry (getting more than 100 comments) and a poll (getting 531 votes and almost 200 comments), asking everybody for your feedback and opinions, so we could figure out how to set this as a rule to encourage.

:thumb48619192: :thumb27679905:

Mature Content

Feasting Moon by Goldenwolf

The feedback:

:star: We received all kind of suggestions, comments, ideas and opinions, and a lot of constructive feedback, so we can't quote everything here, but I will summarize it for you to get the main idea:

Poll results:
:bulletgreen: 334 deviants said "Yes, werewolves are anthro"
:bulletred: 152 deviants said "No, werewolves are not anthro"
:bulletblack: 45 deviants made another different comment.</b>

….Contradictions everywhere, most of the comments say "no", but most of the votes say "yes"...

:star: And a few of the comments received….

:iconxxshiranuixx: xXShiranuiXx said: No. Just no. Anthro's are pretty much just drawings of people with fur, a tail and a deformed face. They walk upright, wear cloths, and talk about retarded stuff blah blah ect. Werewolves actually LOOK like wolves. they're able to stand upright a little bit, but not the extent anthro..things do. They don't(try) act like people ether, they just run around slaughtering everything until they go back to normal.  Aside from limited bi-pedal movements there isn't anything anthro's and werewolves have in common.

:iconorientpaladin: OrientPaladin said: I usually classify them as Anthro because I go by White Wolf rules for werewolves. It's hard to tell a Crinos-form Werewolf from a plain Anthro-wolf anyway. Also...if we're going to split hair about Fantasy Vs. Anthro...Technically Anthros are fantasy, sine they don't really exist. They're only based off of real creatures. And even then, I see alot of Anthros that are unrealistic hybrids/mixes.

:iconbah-zero99: bah-zero99 said:I know it's a contradiction to the definition of anthro (Something with human features, not otherwise), but I find it easier to think of werewolves as anthropomorphic creatures rather than humans with animal features, and I think they should fit anthro even if they're supposed to be human for the same reason Catgirls, Dogboys, etc. don't fit in anthro, even if some are supposed to be "cats and dogs with human features". The wolfman, for that matter, wouldn't fit anthro at all either for the same reason, even if he's another kind of werewolf.

:iconkaterina: katerina said: I think they fit in both anthro and fantasy. They were the first Anthros weren't they? They just happen to be the kind that fit into the mythology of many cultures. I think that because there is such a great gray line there, that it's open for interpretation anyway.. so it might as well be the artist's interpretation that you go with. I dunno.. it's a really tough call to pick one or the other and that's when I just have a tendency to let the individuals decide

:iconredrodent: RedRodent said: I say the answer is generally no. Generally A werewolf is a fantasy creature which is created by some sort of supernatural means (drinking from water collected in a wolf's pawprint, certain rituals, or a simple bite or bloodletting injury from another werewolf). It all depends on what the artist *does* with the werewolf to make it anthro. I think we let the fantasy genre interweave with anthro a bit too freely. Sure, there are 'furries' or even plain anthro fans with were-creatures, but these are more intelligent animals. I say it depends on the situation.

:iconsavagebinn: savagebinn said: Considering wherewolves look pretty near identical to a lot of the other generic anthro wolve's you see around here, I wouldn't really complain if people uploaded them to the anthro gallery. Same crap with a different story behind it. I think it could go in either fantasy or anthro.

:iconzarry: zarry said: I'm not sure if this pertains to the categories presented to us here on dA or not, but quite frankly I don't think the division between "Anthro" and "Fantasy" will ever be easy to determine. Afterall, a lot of creatures in fantasy art have anthropomorphic features (Such as a dragon that is bipedal, or has the ability to smile, etc.)

:iconnonayourbeeswax: Nonayourbeeswax said: I don't think that Werewolves are an anthro race. But as far as anthro art goes, it depends on how much were (man) and how much wolf.

Think of it like this:

A picture of a man transforming in to a wolf (or vise-versa): I would put this under fantasy. It isn't a picture of a man or of a wolf, but rather something in between. It is also not a picture of a wolf with human traits thus, it is not anthro.

A picture of a werewolf with human traits: This would be anthro. Even though it is not a real animal, it still has human traits.

A picture of a wolf that the artist says is a werewolf: Either Animal or Fantasy. Depends on what else is happening in the picture.

:thumb109399920: Werewolf Candleholder: Side by dakazi

:star: And the wise reply came here: :iconsmile--plz:

:icontygepc: Tygepc said: I've found the best way to handle "grey cases" is to look at them individually.

What it comes down to is perspective and the artist's intent. Are they drawing a mythical creature based on ancient lore or are they drawing something that possesses wolf-like qualities?

If the intent is to show a human transforming into a wolf then it should be mythical. If the intent is to show an anthropomorphic wolf-man (I define as an undefined wolf with human qualities or human with wolf qualities or alien race that happens to have features in common with the terrestrial lupine form) then the artist should have a choice to place it in Anthro of Sci-fi, mythical or fantasy.

The main question that I have come to, in order to solve the case, is to ask the artist if they know about the subgenera of furries/Anthro or not, and what their definition is of the art in question.

I've come to this conclusion because I've worked for fantasy & wildlife artists and have asked them what they felt about the subject. They said they didn't care about anthro because if the person was transforming it should be called a "Werewolf" and placed under the mythical section. They have no idea that Furries even exist and wouldn't like the rules that say werewolves because that might not be what they the original meaning of the art is.

I see no reason why artists can't be given a choice as to where they post their art.

The system fails when things become too black and white or codified.

If you want a historical view point, the most likely way people will classify Anthro is as an off-shoot of totem animal culture that has nothing to do with traditional mythical creatures aside from maybe "sharing a spirt with" or "having a close association with" a particular animal. They won't question that werewolves and anthro wolves are two completely different things (unless it is a sociology student writing a term paper, ^_^).

The bottom line:
Give that artists a choice as to which gallery their work should go in. To code it to one gallery will take away from what makes DA such a great place.

Werewolf by hibbary Werewolf by KaceyM

Mature Content

Feasting Moon by Goldenwolf

The conclusion:

:star:  Conclusion is… there's not a conclusion :icondizzy-plz: But that's a conclusion itself!!! If we set "Werewolf = Anthro", or the opposite, "Werewolf =/= Anthro", we will be trying to sort something hard to sort by nature. We can't set a rule for everything, and sometimes we don't really need to. Besides, as said at the first lines of this article, deviantART is made by artists and for the artists we host here. And we think the community feedback is the main source for the guidelines we set. That's why we have decided to allow werewolves in both the Anthro Gallery and the Fantasy Gallery, no matter if it's digital or traditional art.

:star: Yep, both Galleries will be a suitable place to upload your werewolves, as a general rule. And we are not going to say if a werewolf is an anthropomorphic creature or not because … we don't need to. We wanted a way to sort art in the gallery system, and I think this is pretty fair, giving the artist themselves the chance to label their own art in this grey area :heart:

:star: So, unless there are other factors to count or value, deviations featuring werewolves in the anthro gallery don't need to be reported as miscategorized submissions… neither deviations featuring a werewolf, uploaded to the fantasy gallery. Both will be suitable, and we hope this works well to solve any kind of discussion about this

:star: Again, thanks for your feedback, because without it, we would have never been able to figure out how to sort this issue. You all are great!!!!


PS: Thanks to :iconpixel-spotlight: Pixel-Spotlight for her help editing and polishing the article :highfive:

Share the :heart:,
:+favlove: an article you like!

My last official news article, yay! :icongwomp:

Th-Th-Th-That's all folks!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 8, 2009, 10:21 AM

We'll always have Paris

:star: Good evening everybody!

:star: Well, :iconblush--plz: it's not easy at all for me to write this, but I will do because I need to =) A couple of weeks ago, I had a talk with Moonbeam13, Director of Community Relations and the person caring for the Gallery Moderators, and I told her I thought it was my time to leave this wonderful team. Now I can tell you I will leave the volunteers team tomorrow, Feb 9th, losing the cool hat (the ^ symbol close to my nick) and be a regular deviant again. It's not easy at all, because it has been more than a year and a half working as your fearsome Anthro Gallery Director/Moderator, and I am already missing it in advance even when I'm still here caring for you all today ;3;

:star: When I joined the amazing CR team, we were a bunch of new Gallery Directors (our old name, before we got the "Gallery Moderators" label, and the one I can't help to still use), a big baby boom, a lot of newbies with a lot of energies and wanting to help and support our communities and every artist in this place called deviantART we love so much. It was supposed to last for a year, and I thought it was never going to end when we started this new adventure. I was proud to get this chance, even if I was not a good artist myself, neither English was my mother tongue. It was a challenge but also the opportunity to do what I was already doing (supporting other artists here and promoting the anthropomorphic art) with some official support, and I proudly tried my best. With a lot of support, from many people out there I can't thank enough.

:star: I still remember when I applied to care for the Anthro Gallery because we didn't have a Gallery Director for many months, after neokeia left, and the community spirit was a bit low, with many anthro artists wondering if the staff really remembered us. Of course, some volunteers and former staff were there still caring for us, and getting sure everything was alright, but we felt a bit lost without a reference, and even when I knew I was not the best option, I applied because... hell, why not? ;3


:star: I know all volunteers join the team with full batteries, plenty of energies, and also with a lot of new ideas. I'm proud of the time I have spent doing my duties and supporting the Anthro Gallery and its artists, giving more than 300 Daily Deviations during my time there, writting 16 Anthro Newsletters, publishing 25 "Featured Anthro Art" issues and many newsarticles, running a lot of official contests, and also moving countless miscategorized deviations when that was one of our duties (and our nightmares, lol) xD::: And I hope I have not done a too bad job, since people around don't seem to hate me too much, and Moonbeam13 kept me in the team during all this long time, but I think it's the perfect time to let fresh meat.... errr.... I mean, new people to take my place now :) I have been blessed with great mates to work with, teaming up with other Gallery Directors in their respective galleries, but specially with my co-GDs in the Anthro Gallery, first cooley, then some time alone and now with Quelfabulous. To see how Kat/Marilyn has been working with the Anthro Community, and how well she does it, with a neverending source of energy, made me realize I was a burden more than a help for her. I know I keep the same enthusiasm than the very first day I joined, but can't follow her speed, and I think she needs a better partner in crime than I could be. I really think it's better to leave the team with your head held high than to do it later because you have nothing else to do and you become useless. ^___^ Besides, except featuring DDs and some other admin works, I can still do almost the same without the hat, can't I?


:star: So, the last two weeks I have been wrapping up some projects, like the Oekaki special, to not leave a mess behind. I know the Anthro Gallery is in really good hands because I have never seen a person as qualified and ready as Quelfabulous (I know because I have tested her like a G.I. Jane, hahaha, in really mischievous ways!), and I know she will do wonders with our artistic community (first alone, later with a new Anthro GM, I guess). I just hope to not have been a headache for her while we shared duties, now she will feel free to do her best! ^^

:star: For you all, my dear watchers, supporters, friends, or just casual visitors.... I can only feel grateful, and I know I can't thank you enough for all your help, feedback, and constructive criticism :heart: I wish I were able to tell you how much you have meant for me. I don't know English grammar enough to translate my thoughts and feelings into words, but let's just say the last two years have been awesome, and it could have not been like that without you there

:star: For the closest ones, the ones helping me with my daily stuff since the very first day... Of course Kat and Cooley and the other current CR members but also SlyDante, Davecheesefish, Marker-Guru, Helewidis, fourteenthstar... you have helped me like you don't even imagine, making this experience a great time for me. I don't know how to let you know how nice, kind and tender you have been with me. You all have a really gold heart :heart:

:star: For you, Moonbeam13/Danie, thanks a lot for giving me the chance to share this experience with the community, and help my mates and other artists in the Anthro corner of DA with the best tools ever :aww: I know I have been a nightmare, since the very first time I bugged you, back in february 2007, to be a part of this beautiful team. I know you surely got to hate me because of my horrible and crappy english, because of my kick-ass long reports e-mailed to you from time to time, and because of being too close to the deadlines a few times. I know I have been enthusiastic to an annoying point, and timezones didn't help at all to keep in touch live. I guess you may have regretted to give me the hat, at least a few times, but..... I still think you like me at least a bit, hehehe x) *gives her a gentle kiss on her hand*

:star: And you, Pixel-Spotlight, my mailbox will never be the same without your DD suggestions, constructive feedback, random crazyness and huge loads of cheerful spirit. I guess I never told you so, but I surely lasted a few more months because of your priceless help and support. I will never EVER be able to thank you enough for it, believe me. :cuddle: Even when I have for sure freaked you out too many times too, lol.

:star: :iconsmile--plz: It has been a great time, almost two years... and I just wanted to thank you all for EVERYTHING *BEARhugs*


:bulletorange: Vicente "skifi" Patiño
:bulletorange: still, your Anthro Galley Director / Moderator, and your friendly neighbour :giggle:

PS: Never say never :iconsnooty-plz: if Danie gets crazy enough to allow me (something I highly doubt, lol, unless too much coffee is applied), and I think I have something useful to do in the CR again, I may apply again in the future to re-join the team, and she could even take it into consideration, so .... BEWARE! :evillaugh:

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My final Shopping Cart

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 7, 2009, 10:54 AM

So this is what I will get...

:star: Because some of you asked Hahaha, you curious kids, here is what I finally ordered today: All are prints but also a few mugs, and a few of them are for Kashiita too, to share the shipping cost.

:shop810874: :shop4159948: :shop3708637: :shop2900993: :shop4629805: :shop4566869: :shop3564313: :shop4082227: :shop4930514: :shop4845555: :shop3298987: :shop637520: :shop532262: :shop220464: :shop3010581: :shop3084055: :shop3847543: :shop3847542: :shop226874: :shop204496: :shop803135: :shop4626613: :shop990079: :shop4938030: :shop454406:

:star: OMG, I can't wait to receive them!!!

Anthro Oekaki

:star: So, did you read it? Yesterday, your fearsome Anthro GMs, Quelfabulous and me, with Pixel-Spotlight's priceless help, published a wonderful news article about the Anthro Oekaki Category, and we hope you all enjoyed our efforts. Just in case somebody out there felt like giving oekaki art a try, I want to tell you again we have a free oekaki board you can try:

:bulletblue: BullyDingo Oekaki BBS

:star: A few of our best artists already used it, and had some fun. If you want to do it now, just click in that link... and don't forget to save your art to share it with us here in deviantART!!!

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. . . . . ANTHRO OEKAKI . . . . .

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(Dedicated to all the anthro artists using this funny tool)


What is "Oekaki"?

  1. ...from Wikipedia:

    Oekaki: is the Japanese term to describe the act of drawing, meaning "doodle or scribble".

    Oekaki Internet forum systems allow artists to draw pictures with a drawing program stored on a server and post their drawings on an Internet forum. Artists draw pictures inside web browsers with a computer mouse, a graphics tablet, or a touch screen. The underlying computer technology used in Oekaki can be a Java applet or ActiveX. Some Oekaki systems offer enough features to create professional-looking images. The resulting picture is usually in dimensions of a few hundred pixels wide or long. The most popular applets used on English internet forums are OekakiBBS, PaintBBS, and Shi-Painter.

:star: The Oekaki subcategory is probably the most unknown and underappreciated sub cateory in the whole Anthro Gallery. Recently, we set  a couple of polls to check how much our community knew about it, and over the 51% of voters (more than 140 people!) answered "What is Oekaki? o.O;;".


:star: As your Gallery Moderators, Quelfabulous and I have always tried to promote the Anthropomorphic art, and also to encourage knowledge and education about it. But, instead telling you all everything in a blah blah boring kind of educational class, we thought it was going to be more interesting in other way: We bribed our little minion, Pixel-Spotlight, to help us and interview five of our oekaki anthro artists, and let them explain us why do they like and enjoy so much this tool (who can do it better than the artists themselves?), and also show you a little selection of the best oekaki art you can find in our gallery. We're also going to feature two Daily Deviantations from this special gallery, today! :heart:

:star: We really hope this lures you to check this amazing category in the Anthro Gallery. If you ever want to give it a try and use oekaki, feel free to check this free Oekaki BBS. You can even see some examples, and watch the animations to see how an oekaki picture can be done! If you draw something, don't forget to share it with us here in deviantART!!!


The Interviews!!!

:star: So, our fearsome reporter Pixel-Spotlight was nice enough to interview these amazing 5 artists: griffsnuff, The-kat, Chocolate-Rhinos, WickedFerret and kitsuneswirl and here is the whole talk for you to learn and enjoy!

:bulletblue: :iconpixel-spotlight: Why did you choose Oekaki as a tool to create artwork?

:bulletorange: :icongriffsnuff: griffsnuff : I started drawing online in 2005, when I randomly came along an Oekaki site, so I registered and tried it out and found out how amazing it was, how simple and easy it was to use. My hand with a mouse of course weren't very well trained xD, so my lines and everything was scary, but anyway, drawing together with people and getting comments and crits on the work you do really hanged me in the ways of an artist and I began finding my own style, and of course we all get inspired of the things we see around us. So I started using Oekaki bbs, and I produced a lot of random not really good arts xDD;;
:bulletpurple: :iconthe-kat: The-kat : Well, oekaki really sparked my interest in digital art and communities like DA. It was like my introduction to art on the internet and I've really grown fond of it as a result. The simple layout and tools of oekaki are easy to work with, and have so much potential: The little program really packs a punch.
:bulletwhite: :iconchocolate-rhinos: Chocolate-Rhinos : I started Oekaki'ing when I was about 13 I think (that's about 8 years ago) I was just realizing that people post their artwork online on websites and eventually stumbled upon people who drew Oekaki, and wandered into the boards. I was originally drawn to Oekaki for the simple fact that it gave me the ability to show my drawings online and get feedback. I didn't own a scanner, and I wasn't surrounded by many people in real life who were willing to say much about what I drew, so it was a very cool (and very important) tool that helped me improve and branch out. Without Oekaki I don't think I would have improved as much as I have these past few years.
:bulletyellow: :iconwickedferret: WickedFerret : Initially it was about joining a fun art community. The message board format of most oekaki boards really drew me in. So first I fell in love with the communities, and then I fell in love with the program. For me it's a perfect fit. Just enough tools to do what I want, without getting lost in a huge project. More flexibility than Paint, not as complicated as Photoshop.
:bulletblack: :iconkitsuneswirl: kitsuneswirl: I chose it because that was the first tool I used besides MS Paint. And I became comfortable using it.

Indie by a-boy-with-hooves by XmalisX Best friends forever by griffsnuff :thumb110980840:

:bulletblue: How much do you think the average deviant knows about Oekaki, and do you think it is well represented/supported in our community?

:bulletorange: griffsnuff : Well from were I come from no one has ever heard about oekaki and goes all whaaat when I tell them about it xDD. And I don't think that many knows about them, but more and more is using them, I guess ^W^ thanks a lot to Oekaki art who is hosting free oekaki boards for people that invites their friends. Before that I don't think it was that well represented and of course I've come across a lot of people here on DA who draws digital art that doesn't know about oekaki C:
:bulletpurple: The-kat : I think the average deviant has at least heard of oekaki, but I think it's more well known in certain categories of art. It seems to be more known in the anime community than anything else. It is very well supported and represented here on DA though. If you think about it, essentially, an oekaki board is a little mini version of DA in some ways. People join to post their work and get ideas and feedback. Oekaki boards are great environments for any kind of artist.
:bulletwhite: Chocolate-Rhinos : I think Oekaki is a pretty well-known medium throughout dA. Most people seem to know about it (even if they don't personally use it) but a lot of people seem to think oekaki is strictly for dumb doodles. Originally I did, and that's what I used it for, but as you use something more and more you tend to work in techniques that turn doodles and sketches into really interesting works of art. Even something like oekaki (or MS Paint) can produce something amazing, given a little practice and knowledge about the tools. I like to compare oekaki to pencil drawings, most people use pencils strictly for doodles, sketches, and concepts, but some people have turned pencils into tools to create amazing works of art.
:bulletyellow: WickedFerret : I'm not really sure, however the (newish) sorting system for uploading art makes me feel as if oekaki art isn't considered 'true' art here. It's turned me off a lot, so I'm not as active in uploading or browsing random art.
:bulletblack: kitsuneswirl : I don't think many deviants know about oekaki since some believe that their art would look best in like Photoshop and painter whatever. Seeing that awesome art is made in those programs(but awesome art is made in oekaki too). But oekaki is supported well in the community but I think not enough… am I making sense?

Afloat by The-kat :thumb55096726:

:bulletblue: What do you think are the best advantages - and the worst disadvantages about Oekaki?

:bulletorange: griffsnuff : Well as me I started using Oekaki bbs which I have seen almost no one uses, the most used ones are paint bbs and shipainter, me myself use shipainter now after getting used to it. xD believe me it was hard, I just found out that there's just so much you have to do if you want to use oekaki bbs, a lot of java downloading etc, enough with that xD. Well, oekaki bbs, what made that so easy was that every tool was visible you didn't have to click on different buttons to get new ones and all the layers and colours were out already, but of course the down thing about it was that you couldn't draw really bit if you wanted to have a good view of what you did, cause you couldn't zoom down more than the canvas you choose. With shi on the other hand (I haven't used paint that much so I'm not going to speak about it xD ) I loved how you could make the canvas float like out of the window into a new easy window, the lines somehow gets a lot more steadier than with oekaki bbs, and believe me I used oekaki bbs for 2,5 years so i know xD, and, well, it has a much more calmer look and after figuring out were everything was it got a lot more simpler to use xD
:bulletpurple: The-kat : The best advantage of Oekaki has to be the simple interface and the leveled playing field. The tools you see there in the oekaki window are the only tools you have to use. There are no secret tricks or advantages. You just work with what is given to you, and I think that it is really interesting to see what different people can create when given the same tools. I think the biggest Disadvantage are the little glitches oekaki sometimes gets. There's no quick save, so when the tools start behaving strangely, or the web browser freezes up, there's always a small risk of losing the image.
:bulletwhite: Chocolate-Rhinos : Oh the best advantage about Oekaki is that it's incredibly incredibly simple to use, but it still has some more advanced tools that MS Paint doesn't have (these tools make it that much easier). My best Oekaki friends are Undo, Mask, and Remask, without them everything would be much harder and take a lot longer. For disadvantages, well, I'd have to say that (referring to Paint BBS, the one I exclusively use) if you don't like hard-edge pixels, you're probably not going to like Paint BBS very much. There IS a watercolor tool, but if you're into the softer, Photoshop looking stuff, I'd always go with ChibiPaint or ShiPainter. Personally I use PaintBBS because I enjoy the way it looks.
:bulletyellow: WickedFerret : I love how simple the programs are. I find them easy to use, and most of the tools are simple to figure out. I tend to prefer ShiPainter, but will use PaintBBS or oekakiBBS depending on what I want to do with it. The biggest downside in my experience is that the images are always such a low resolution that they're useless for anything but viewing online.
:bulletblack: kitsuneswirl : Best things about the oekaki is that it is quite simple and easy to get used to. Worst thing maybe complications dealing with shipainter that many people come up with like disappearing layers or not enough layers and such.

:thumb67445380: :thumb68153096:

:bulletblue: Are there any Oekaki pieces of art out that that really inspire you? They can be anthro or other!

:bulletorange: griffsnuff : I just can say this short, xD when I started drawing online everything inspired me, I remember my first fanart I got back there and it was just this weird feeling that someone in another part of the world actually drew me something xD It was awesome, I still got it hehe. I just loved solid drawings cause you got this look that was almost impossible with traditional, with the clean pixels 8D, now my most inspirations is my friends and music and nature with its colours. xDD
:bulletpurple: The-kat : I really like the work of dorset. Dorset has such a soft, painterly style. It's really gorgeous.
:bulletwhite: Chocolate-Rhinos : Speaking of specific pieces, honestly none too many come to mind, but people in general who use oekaki in inspiring ways, I can name quite a few off the top of my head: BLKMKT-ARCHIVE, Blue-Fox, HedgehogBeeblebrox, figsf, zack-sr, loish, xlnightkidslx, and dobie before I just rattle off every single person I know haha. There are so many more people I could include but that would take me ages to list (aka please don't be offended if you think you should be listed here, you should be, just pretend you are).
:bulletyellow: WickedFerret : I can't think of any pieces that really inspire me off the top of my head. I tend to be inspired more by an artist's body of work rather than one particular piece. Many of my oekaki idols have moved on from the medium, or vanished from the internet altogether. Although sometimes I like to just google up random oekaki boards to see what people are doing. Finding expert level boards always make me want to push my own oekaki art to the next level.
:bulletblack: kitsuneswirl : Oh of course. I enjoy pixel art or extremely detailed pictures. Because it takes time and patience to do those things in just regular oekaki. (something I don't have. x3)

Bird of Paradise by WickedFerret :thumb5173054: Serge by Soreiya

:bulletblue: What advice can you give to any aspiring Oekaki artists out there?

:bulletorange: griffsnuff : Humm… Oekaki is a great community (if you of course find the right oekaki board for yourself) if you want to develop your drawing skills with others and getting both comments and crits which can make you feel a lot better with what you create, and if you are terrified of being copied, don't post art online at all, but if you like sharing what you make and helping others get inspired by looking at your art,its a great place, and I'm not only talking for myself cause I know that once upon a time you yourself were the person looking at others art for inspiration. C:
:bulletpurple: The-kat : Try out every tool and really get to know the program! Get in there and try new styles and techniques. There are so many possibilities and the only way to discover them is to dive in and experiment with it all…
:bulletwhite: Chocolate-Rhinos : Advice, advice. Well, first of all I'd say, as easy as Oekaki is, it does take a little while to get used to, it's quite a bit different than Photoshop, and its different enough from MS Paint to feel a little weird (if MS Paint is what you're used to using) but keep at it, and in the beginning don't worry too much about perfection. Use the tools, figure out what they do, practice, and take criticism from people who know what they're doing (also look for general oekaki tutorials, there are many many many of them on dA). Oekaki is different than most other drawing mediums in this way: it's just about as public as you can get with your drawings online. You draw, then you submit, and everyone and anyone can comment on them and see them, so don't get hurt and discouraged the first time someone says something that isn't "Oh that's awesome!" There are going to be jerks, of course, but there are also going to be a lot of people who genuinely want to help you, let those people in, and take their advice, I'm only sorry that for the first few years I was using Oekaki no one was really there to give me advice, so it took me a long time to figure out everything by myself. Oekaki is fun and easy, and they come with built in communities, so take advantage of that.
:bulletyellow: WickedFerret : Practice! Finding a good board you can learn and explore on is amazingly helpful. Watch animations when you can find them. Listen with people give you tips, and the dodge/burn tools aren't instant highlights/shading. Mostly practice, and improving your art over all (anatomy, perspective, etc) will improve your oekakis as well.
:bulletblack: kitsuneswirl : Uhhh, chose the program you find the easiest and explore the program. You might find some nice features to it. :D

Devour me my love... by kitsuneswirl :thumb63242333: 88 MILES PER HOUR by Corvis-DA-Account

:bulletblue: Any last thoughts?

:bulletorange: griffsnuff  xD sorry for my bad English hehe 8D Hope this is what you looked for haha XD sdgsgwswhweh
:bulletpurple: The-kat : Ok, I hope this is what you guys were looking for~ Thanks so much for the opportunity. This is really awesome. :D
:bulletyellow: WickedFerret : I hope this helps!
:bulletblack: kitsuneswirl : Tell me if I answered some of these questions wrong please.. xD

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Daily Deviations and Mini-DDs

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 5, 2009, 2:46 AM

Because we WANT to boost them!

:star: And somehow reward a great work Since countless weeks, we have had a great deviant here in our community promoting artists, supporting them, and giving them A LOT of exposure. This amazing deviant takes the time to search some beautiful deviations in every gallery available, writes a news article, publishes it, and even give some awards to make them feel proud of their art. So far, many of us already know this work and admire it, but just in case somebody else still don't know what we're talking about....

:star: :iconslydante: SlyDante has been featuring art with his Mini DDs (actually in their 144th issue!), and I think it's time enough to thank him for it. We all know the Gallery Moderators can give the "official Daily Deviations" (also known as DDs), but there are a lot of WONDERFUL deviations out there still not getting those big features... but deserving to be in the spotlight too. SlyDante does a great work, not always thanked enough, and be sure he does it wisely, and selecting the pictures to promote with a lot of care and community love. And I think this is the spirit we encourage here in deviantART: Artists for artists, an artistic community promoting each other, and supporting each other just like he does. :heart:

:star: Once I have told you about, here is my request: If you already haven't done it before, please take your time to do at least one of the listed things:

:bulletblue: Go to SlyDante's page and give him some love, thanking him for all the effort he does to support so many artists here. ^^
:bulletblue: Take a look and read the latest Mini-DDs issue, and favourite it if you like what you see, so the article itself gets promoted for others to see.
:bulletblue: Write SlyDante a note with your suggestions for the next Mini-DDs Awards ^^

:icongrin--plz: :heart:

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Prints: Any suggestion, please?

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 4, 2009, 6:55 PM

Suggest me a print!!!

:star: Yep, it's quite easy Tomorrow, I will send an order to get a few prints from deviantART (around 20 prints, in fact). They include Photographs, Landscapes, a few favourites, a few ones I want to use as gifts, one for Valentines, blah blah blah. Details xD

But, well, I am going to pay for the shipping and handling anyway, no matter if it's 20 prints or 25, so..... I thought I could order a few more ones, but I ran out of ideas XD;;;

Any other print you think I could buy? If you have any suggestion, please comment and let me know, it seems I have a few bucks to spend in art yet!

:icongrin--plz: :heart:

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Blind to pageviews...

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 4, 2009, 10:39 AM

It's your option now!

:star: Because many people asked for it! If you think pageviews are not so important, and want to get blind to them, check here.

:star: *whispers* And if you choose to enable this option, you may see something cool on the top right corner of your profile.... but I'm not going to tell you what's that about, you will need to find it yourself!!! xD;;;

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I'm worth exactly $3,387,520

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 3, 2009, 4:41 PM

So I'm quite cheap!

:star: Yep, I know, this is silly And stupid and nosense, but... how many of those quizes are? xD;;

Now you're officially tagged :heart:

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