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Another collaboration I have done this month, teaming up with *eldiman, and featuring our both main characters, Tokami and skifi. Full view is advised, but to buy a print of it is even more recommended, lol =p

I'm still amazed at Diman's art... he can draw in sooo many styles, and be so variegated, it's almost incredible. This is the third time we have worked together, and may be the best one in my opinion.... let's see what do you all think: Feed us with your opinions and constructive criticism, it's the main key to find out what's wrong if we want to do it better next time! :giggle:

Lineart (c) :iconeldiman: *eldiman
Colorwork (c) :iconskifi: ^skifi

(Special thanks to *seel-dingo because he helped me to choose some colors) :worship:
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Hahaha, they love to know they look tempting xD;;
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its high noon High Noon Is Coming 
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Is there a way to just fave all your stuff? :slow: I :heart: it all. Thank you for drawing and sharing your light with us! :hug: :heart: it....
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That's so awesome I should give it a prize!
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What would you give? :3 *curious*
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A gold trophy and a big star!:winner::iconstarplz:
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la pelicula de secreto en la montaña!!!!!! maricones jaja nomas juego no lo tomes a mal asi me llevo si no te gusta dime xd
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ZOMG just 2 days ago a friend of mine was surfing FA and found this O.=.O;;; what she said was... "id tap that" ...XD heheh awesome coyboyz XD
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And who did say we wouldn't like that? ;D
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...XD however i had to point out to her that seeing as shes the girl, it would be more accurate to say..."id be tapped by that" ....XD really hot characters, i can see why youre in charge of the category!
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heh cuties are out again
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;) *winks and grins*
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*winks back*
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Lo cual es medio ironico siendo qe tu eres un toro xD
Me podria qedar con uno de esos vaqerotes? (=
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El de la derecha esta cogido, pero el de la izquierda esta soltero y sin compromiso ;3
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i love tow cow boy:clap:
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This is one of my favorite pieces of art I have ever seen. *eldiman did an amazing job on the lineart and the coloring job is insanely amazing! The colors are perfect for the lineart. I can't find any flaw in this piece. I am definitely going to get a print in the near future! Great work you two :thumbsup:
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If you do, you will be my very first customer ever! ^^
Lupus-Sapientiae's avatar
:highfive: I just need to get some spare cash.
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I love your colouring style so much, I think its Amazing <33333
You have such a wonderful talent. <33
The details are so amazing, and realistic..
You and Diman must do more Collobs together you both have such amazing talent together <3
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I want to lure him to work together more often, but he's slippery, it's hard to catch him! ;D
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